Kiloview IMS
Integrated Media Management System
Kiloview IMS
Integrated Media Management System


Auto Discovery

Auto discovering all terminals in LAN or Internet and connect automatically, which saves your time and effort

Parameters Setting

Remotely configuring on all terminals based on Internet connection, no need for on-site management.

Video Stream Switching

Remotely switching the sources from all the devices, similar to the function of the IP matrix.

Protocol Conversion/Distribution

IMS supports all video streams to be output after protocol conversion, and conversion between various protocols such as RTSP, RTMP, SRT, NDI, UDP, HTTP, HLS. One single stream can also be distributed in multiple ways through this system.

Status Monitoring

Centrally monitoring the status of all devices, such as online/offline, streaming status, and so on.

Firmware Upgrading

All connected devices can be updated on a large scale, without on-site processing one by one.

Centralized Recording

Remotely recording of all encoding device streams (such as centralized recording to local or remote servers).

Voice Intercom

Kiloview IMS manages call configuration between all devices, such as call grouping, mode change of speaking and listening of each terminal, etc.

A Diagram of Kiloview Configuration Console

Ticket for Kiloview NDI Switcher