CUBE X1 Distribution System

A Turnkey Solution for NDI Multiplexed Distribution

NDI Distribution System

CUBE X1 NDI Distribution System is a lightweight version of the NDI CORE MAX.

The CUBE X1 is designed for unified scheduling, switching, distribution, and management of all NDI signals, supporting up to 16CH NDI inputs and 32CH NDI outputs. It can achieve seamless switching of all NDI sources and switch without lagging or black screen.

Additionally, it is capable of non-multicast multiple distribution, multi-business grouping management, NDI signal rotation playback, etc. It is also compatible with NDI signals of any format or from any device, such as NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HX3**/NDI|HX2 for seamless docking.

Equipped with an LCD touch screen, the CUBE X1 allows users to monitor the network status, storage space, and CPU usage in real time.

CUBE X1 also enables users to configure the standard NDI Router on it.

**: NDI|HX3 feature is under development and we will confirm when it has been certified by NDI.

Three Reasons to Choose Kiloview CUBE X1!

Seamless Switching

Non-Multicast Distribution

High Compatibility

1. All the NDI sources are connected one-to-one to the Kiloview CUBE X1 NDI Distribution System for switching and distribution.

2. Multiple virtual outputs can be created within the CUBE X1 that can be connected to any NDI destination; it is also capable of seamless input/output switching.

3. Connection mode: support input/output 1-to-1 connection; support 1 channel input + 1 channel output + multi-channel terminal; 1 channel input + multi-channel output + multi-channel terminal.

Non-Multicast Multiplex Distribution

Unlike a simple routing switching mechanism, Kiloview CUBE X1 supports access to all NDI data sources, achieving seamless NDI signal switching and unlimited distribution. When you need to use the same NDI video source in multiple targets, the system can create multiple NDI outputs as needed, or the same output can support multiple targets connected at the same time.

Seamless Switching, More Professional

Kiloview CUBE X1 can automatically discover and manually input NDI sources. It is capable of 16 channels of NDI inputs, 32 channels of NDI outputs, copy distribution and switching, and switching with no lagging, blurry or black screens.

There are two options for switching panels: the crosspoint panel and the IO panel.

Up to 16 Channels of NDI Input and 32 Output

CUBE X1 NDI Distribution System is a lightweight version of the NDI CORE MAX, equipped with dual 10GbE NICs, which can reach 16 channels of 1080p60 resolution NDI source inputs and 32 channels of 1080p60 resolution NDI source outputs simultaneously. You can easily switch all the NDI I/O by using the preset 16 buttons. 

CUBE X1 is also capable of audio embedding that delivers the biggest flexibility*.

Compatible with NDI Signals of Any Formats/Devices

The CUBE X1 is compatible with any formats of NDI input of any resolution such as UHD/HD/NDI/NDI|HX, etc. and works seamlessly with NDI conference cameras, NDI mobile phones/computers, NDI encoders/decoders, NDI production systems, and other NDI hardware and software systems.

CUBE X1 enables users to set the NTP server to all NDI devices*.

Any devices

Any formats


Touch Screen One-Button Operation

The CUBE X1 NDI Distribution System features with an LCD touch screen and operation button design, the built-in 5.5-inch HD screen will display all the video operations. 

Without an external display screen, the appropriate input/output source can be easily selected through a button or touch for monitoring, distribution, and switching without lagging, blurring, or a black screen.

In addition, a VU meter is enabled for the user to monitor the audio status.

Customizable Control Panel

With a customizable control panel, users can easily format different groups and independently set the group inputs and outputs to suit different scenarios. 

Two switching panels, the IO panel, and the crosspoint panel are provided as standard.

NDI Signal Round-Robin Playback

Users can separately set the program source, dynamically change the playback order, playback time, etc., and the playback supports NDI signal rotation.

It supports multiple playback modes, such as looping and sequential play.

It is appropriate for a variety of scenarios, including conferences and Digital Signage.

Log & Permission Management, Secure Your Workflow

Featuring log and permission management options, the CUBE X1 guarantees the security of the whole process of video transmission, production, and management. 

Assigning permission levels to different users, the CUBE X1 allows easy viewing of operation logs and log management at any time.

Stable and Reliable Hardware Server

Flexible Ethernet and SFP modules.

Professional form factor: CUBE X1 NDI Distribution System is half width of the 2U rackmount design.

Reinforced design, better stability.

Convenient HDMI and USB ports.

User-centred design and expandability enable users to create hot backup and a more powerful cluster to achieve a bigger matrix of NDI sources*.

*Coming soon with free future update.

Dual Power Backup
Redundant power supply, better security
Cooling Fans
Cooling design, more reliable
Dual 10GbE NIC
Two built-in 10GbE 10 gigabit network ports
More reliable data bandwidth

CUBE X1 Appearance

CUBE X1 Appearance


Multiplex signal switching, studio, OB van, OB production company, EFP system, media broadcasting, schools and various enterprises and institutions, IP video signal management within campus network, signal scheduling, signal backup switching, etc.

Multiplex Signal Switching

TV Studio

New Media Broadcast

Signal Management/Scheduling

CUBE X1 Parameters

Model No.CUBE X1
CPU8 Core 64-bit Processor
Network 2 x 10GbE SFP+ port;
1 x 1GbE RJ45 Ethernet port
HDMI Port1x HDMI 2.0 OUT
USB Ports2x USB 2.0 (Type-A)
Audio I/O1x 3.5mm LINE IN
1x 3.5mm LINE OUT
Buttons1x ON/OFF
16x Control buttons
Display5.5'' 1080P touch screen
NDI I/OInput: Up to 16 channels of NDI High Bandwidth/NDIHX2/NDI|HX3** streams, total bandwidth usage less than 2.5G.
Output: Up to 32 channels of NDI High Bandwidth/NDIHX2/NDI|HX3** streams, total bandwidth usage less than 5G.
NDI FormatsNDI High-bandwidth
NDI Tallysupported
NDI PTZ Controlsupported
NDI Metadatasupported
Power supplyRedundant power, 100~230V AC
Power consumption 15W

**: NDI|HX3 feature is under development and we will confirm when it has been certified by NDI.

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Quick Comparison of our NDI Series

Product TypeProduct No.NDI Codec CapabilityVideo I/O ConnectivityResolutionNotes
N6NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXHDMI1080P60
N5NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HX3G-SDI1080P60
N50NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HX12G-SDI4KP60
N60NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXHDMI4KP60
N3NDI High Bandwidth3G-SDI1080P60
N30NDI High Bandwidth12G-SDI4KP60
N40NDI High BandwidthHDMI4KP60
NDI Wireless EncoderN1NDI|HXSDI1080P60WiFi supported, Battery Builld-in
N2NDI|HXHDMI1080P60WiFi supported, Battery Builld-in
NDI EncoderE3NDI|HXSDI+HDMI4KP30 in HDMI, 1080P60 in SDI
U40NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXHDMI4KP60
NDI DecoderD350NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXSDI+HDMI4KP60

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