Kiloview Developed the First NDI Converter Worldwide

NDI Transmits High-Quality Signals over IP

Programing Work Become More Efficient


Kiloview started the cooperation with NewTek. With our joint efforts, the first NDI | HX encoder worldwide was produced.


Kiloview developed the world’s first 12G-SDI to NDI Bi-directional Converter worldwide.

Welcome to the NDI world, Making Your Video Simpler

NDI is Network Device Interface. Compared with coaxial cable, it’s more stable and convenient. Without the limitation of cables, it reliably transmits your SDI/HDMI video through IP. In this way, NDI helps you with free transmission without distance and connection problems, you can eaily set up a lightweight studio.





From Hardware to Software, We Provide Full Range NDI Solution

Kiloview developed a full range of NDI transmission solutions, including HD to UHD SDI/HDMI NDI converting devices, MultiView Player, and NDI cluster routing systems, IMS centralized management systems, etc. We provide a full range of NDI solutions for global users.

NDI Series For Your Choice

Full NDI

1 ms

Full NDI features almost lossless compression, ultra-low latency, and high image quality. A single 1080p60 NDI stream needs 125Mbps. Full NDI transmission is suitable for those who require high video quality.


1 ms

NDI | HX is a compressed version of the GOP h. 264. A single 1080 p60 NDI stream only needs 10 MBPS. The advantage of the low bandwidth allows it to adopt Wi-Fi or Gigabit Ethernet to work. The deployment for this protocol is very convenient.

NDI Technology, Transmit Your Video Everywhere

NDI is a low-latency, high-image quality, convenient transmission solution. It is widely used in broadcast production, e-sports, VTuber, game live, campus activities, sports events, video conference, medical live, wedding live, and other industries. And It’s compatible with a variety of software systems to provide more possibilities for creative video production.




“Kiloview is a professional equipment manufacturer, software developer and supplier of IP-based video transmission and management solutions.”



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“Kiloview helped me a lot when the epidemic holds my student in their homes. Fortunately, I can put my teaching videos online thanks to the great encoder!”

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