Kiloview NDI Cluster System


NDI Video Data Cluster

KILOVIEW NDI Cluster matrix system is a large cluster-type NDI signal managing and switching system independently developed by Kiloview. NDI cluster is an elastic and clustered system, managing signal sources from dozens to thousands and building smooth and seamless switching channels for those signal sources. It is similar to traditional digital video matrix, but beyond that, NDI Cluster also provides a high IT management capacity with fully level-to-level managing, devices centralized controlling, media streaming service and protocol conversion for your IP videos.

Powerful Functions for Your Video Production

Centralized Management

Auto-discovery of NDI devices in the local network, auto-syncing management list.

Disaster Recovery and Redundant Backup

Dual redundant hot backup supported, recovery time < 1s, which effectively ensures system stability

Friendly Interaction

Web operations, traditional matrix operation simulation, hierarchical authority management, customized signal grouping

Elastic Expansion

100+ server cluster building available, large-scale network load auto-balancing

Smooth and Seamless Switching

No frame synchronization device required, switching without blank screen/stagnation/blurred


Full NDI and NDI|HX, 8K/4K/portrait signal supported, Tally/PTZ/Metadata reverse direction pass-through


NDI program production, NDI low-latency transmission, conference/program/event webcast, video point-to-point interactive connection, video network recording, distributed seating system input node, portrait screen live broadcast, etc.


Dashboard Management

NDI Signal Cross-point Switching Mode

IO Dashboard Switching Mode

Compatible with TriCaster, vMix, OBS and other platforms, so your video production can be carried out anytime, anywhere.

Supported Apps of Kiloview NDI products

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Quick Comparison of our NDI Products

Product TypeProduct No.Input InterfaceData TransferResolutionRemark(s)
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NDI|HX Wireless EncoderN13G-SDIWiFi/Ethernet1080P60
NDI|HX Wired EncoderE13G-SDIEthernet1080P60
NDI|HX DecoderD300SDI+HDMIEthernet4KP609 Channels of Video Simultaneous Decoding and Split-screen display Supported