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More Remote Connection Solutions

For more occasions that require remote video transmission, our encoders, decoders, converters are widely used in mining, security, small events, administration affairs, and so on.

Public Security Criminal Investigation Solution

Kiloview provides P series 4G bonding encoders with a small compact appearance and stable performance, which can encode live videos such as emergency scenes, and public security criminal investigation sites.

Video Satellite Transmission

By optimizing the TCP/IP protocol of the traditional encoder, Kiloview developed a special type of satellite live broadcast encoder to meet the requirements of satellite network transmission.

Submarine Video Transmission

Kiloview configured multiple sets of customized video encoders (customized according to the cabin structure) for the military submarines.

Remote Supervision of Highway Toll Stations

The surveillance video is encoded, and key characters are superimposed, and then transmitted to the highway centralized monitoring center.

Airport Security Video Transmission

Transmitting images of the airport security equipment to the central monitoring center, and the signal that the monitoring center judges to be abnormal can be transmitted back to the security host.

NDI Core

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