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Frequently Asked Questions about Video Decoder Display Screen

1. Added video source, why is there no video output?

Answer: After the video source is added, it does not start to decode and output. You need to drag the video source to the output window. If the stream status is displayed as "Connecting", it means that the decoder is trying to decode. If the stream status is displayed as "Display/Push Stream", it means the connection is normal.

2. Decode and output HDMI to the monitor, and the display color is abnormal, such as the picture pink

Answer: The display is abnormal due to the different color space support of some monitors. You can modify the appropriate color space in the decoding output settings.

3. What should I do if the decoded output picture is normal but there is no audio?

Answer: Check the speaker icon in the lower left corner of the video source in the output window, please confirm whether the speaker is turned on (the default is closed);
Confirm whether the audio format of the video source can be supported. Currently, audio decoding supports MP2, MP3, G.711, AAC (AAC-LC, AAC-HE, AAC-HE-V2, AAC-LD).

4. After adding the stream, drag it to the decoding box, the stream status is displayed as "display/push stream" and it is decoding, but there is no picture on the monitor

Answer: The display is decoding, indicating that the connection is normal, and there is no picture output. Check whether the set output resolution matches the monitor, and check whether the HDMI/SDI cable and the monitor are properly connected.
The computer uses VLC to play the video, and the encoding parameters are viewed in the media information. For example, if the encoding parameter is an H.265 stream, some decoders cannot be decoded.

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