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1: What protocol does U40 support encoding output after inputting through HDMI?

Answer: Only FULL NDI encoding output is supported after HDMI input.

2: Does U40 support decoding?

Answer: The encoding only supports FULL NDI, and the streaming service supports the conversion of other network IP stream protocols to RTMP/RTSP/SRT/TS-UDP/NDI|HX.

3: What is the difference between the two power ports of U40?

Answer: U40 has two power ports, DC12V IN stands for power input, DC12V OUT stands for it supports output DC 12V to supply power to other devices.

4: How many outputs can the U40 transfer output NDI|HX support?

Answer: You can add up to 11 network IP streams. Only one network IP stream can be selected to switch to one NDI|HX output. It can output up to 5 channels of RTMP/RTSP/SRT/TS-UDP through the streaming service function.

5: Does U40 support H.265 video streaming?

Answer: U40 can accept H.264(AVC)/H.265(HEVC) media stream from the network and convert it to NDI|HX. U40 itself only provides Full NDI encoding capabilities but not H.264/H.265 encoding capabilities.

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