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9 frequently asked questions about SDI converters

(1) The PWR indicator of the converter is off

Please check whether the power adapter is normal, or whether it meets the standard required by the equipment (DC 12V/1A).

(2) PWR indicator flashes

Equipment failure. Please contact the supplier for repair.

(3) The LOCK indicator flashes, and the output is blue/black.

The SDI input signal is abnormal (unlocked). Please check if the SDI signal source is correctly connected, and pay special attention not to input SDI
The signal is connected to the OUT loop-out port!

(4) RUN indicator is off

Please check if the HDMI/VGA cable is correctly connected to the monitor, or if the monitor is turned on. If you confirm that the connection is normal,
It is an equipment failure.

(5) RUN indicator light is on/flashing, output without any display

Please try to plug in the HDMI interface/VGA interface again, or turn on/off the HDMI/VGA display. If the problem persists, please press the POWER button on the remote control, wait about 1 second, and then press the POWER button (restore factory settings) again to solve it.

(6) The video format of HDMI/VGA output is inconsistent with the video format of SDI input

Please check the SDI converter rules in detail. The converter is not a simple one-to-one format conversion. In the middle, it will automatically match the best display output format according to the HDMI/VGA display’s format support capabilities, converter parameter settings, etc., so some The SDI input format is not consistent with HDMI/VGA output.
If you must expect a certain HDMI/VGA output format, you can try to set HDMI/VGA to lock the output format by remote control. However, this may cause no display output because the HDMI/VGA monitor does not support this format. If there is no display output, please press the POWER button on the remote control, wait about 1 second, and then press the POWER button (restore factory settings) again to solve the problem.

(7) HDMI/analog audio output has no sound

Please check whether the SDI signal source has audio; then check whether the HDMI display supports audio (some display devices with HDMI interface do not support audio, and are essentially DVI devices).

(8) The prompt "JUST A DEMO PRODUCT ONLY!" is displayed on the output screen

Qianshi Electronic SDI converter products are equipped with encryption protection function. When the encryption chip is destroyed, the software is illegally copied, etc., the converter will display the above prompt. Please make sure that your product is purchased through formal channels, or you have not disassembled the product. Please contact the manufacturer or authorized dealer to solve it.

(9) If the remote control is lost, the converter can be controlled through the Smart Converter Tools software

Prepare a USB to Micro-B conversion cable (Android mobile phone charging cable), connect it to the control port of the converter through a computer, install the Smart Converter Tools software on the computer and open it. After the converter is found, you can set the converter as follows : Input/output and conversion, VGA format detection and correction, color adjustment, software upgrade, etc.

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