NDI Core HTTP API Instruction

NDI Core HTTP API is the programming interface for NDI Core IP stream decoding and software development. Aimed at simple HTTP request/responding mechanism, NDI Core HTTP API wants to realize various functions of controlling for device. Software developers make use of NDI Core HTTP API to meet the purpose of remote management and device control.

Each function of API corresponds to one HTTP request path. In current version, the path format is http://[:]/api/[module name]/[function].json
This file will list each API's corresponding filename and functions descriptions. Meanwhile, in each API description file, there will have one testing interface. You could write your request testing parameter and execute test according to parameter description. It is very convenient to testify API function online.

API requests follow the standard HTTP protocol. Developers can use any tools, software development library that according with HTTP standard (For example Web browser, JavaScript library, C/C++ HTTP protocol file, JAVA, .NET etc.) Submit of parameters might be POST or GET, or both (please refer to API instruction for details) according to different API interfaces request. API's response is JSON format. Please refer to each API instruction. We’ve tried our best to maintain the conformity of API interfaces, but there may some differences due to products difference leading different API interfaces. Therefore, developers are requested to notice the difference according to the guidance.

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