RD-300 Firmware Download

Release Date: 2022-07-14 Version: 4.6.2520

New features:

  1. Use the new SN+MAC rule to generate the device MAC address.

Release Date: 2022-05-24 Version: 4.6.2515

  • UpdateAdded to support KiloLink Server Free for centralized management, allow customers to upgrade firmware, check status, restore factory settings and other functions locally and remotely.

Release Date: 2021-08-10 Version: 4.6.2503


  • Update to support RTP-TS.
  • Fix the bug of image overlay.
  • Update to support NDI|HX (Version 2.0).

Release Date: 2021-06-29 Version: 4.6.2501


  • Optimize previewing function;

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