S2 Firmware Download

Release Date: 2022-7-01 Version: 2.00.0246

Fix the problem of code crash caused by clicking the device jump link on the Kilolink Server end。

Release Date: 2022-06-17 Version: 2.00.0242

Release notes

  • Upgrade to support KiloLink Server for centralized managment
  • Fix known issues

    Release Date: 2022-6-13 Version: 2.00.0240


  • New function:
  • Add KiloLink service, devices can connect to KiloLink Server for remote upgrades and management.
  • Problem fixed:
  • Fixed the issue that encoding hang when inserting empty packets in SRT stream.

    Release Date: 2021-11-30 Version: 2.00.0101


  • Support audio input channel selection.
  • Support enable/disable the sound column.
  • Support image cropping, rotation and mirroring.
  • Optimize PTZ control.
  • Optimize recording.
  • Optimize Color adjustment.
  • Optimize the voice intercom function.
  • Optimize Web UI.

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