TV Broadcasting Solutions
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SRT Remote Production / Interaction

SRT Protocol-based video encoding solution is adopted for remote production. In these cases, all the videos and audios of the shooting scene can be transmitted online to the production center through the SRT Internet.

Portable Outdoor Live Broadcast

Kiloview P series 4G bonding encoders can be connected to the camera via hot shoe, to encode SDI signal into IP stream.

Program Production Monitoring

Kiloview HD decoder can be configured to decode the low-latency video from different sites into SDI or HDMI signals, then displayed on the monitoring screen.

Remote Program Production Transmission

Through Kiloview high-definition encoders, the multi camera program signal can stablely be transmitted to the broadcast production center through IP network.

SDI Signal Conversion

Kiloview offers professional SDI signal converters, which can convert SDI signal to HDMI/ VGA/CVBS signal with high quality.

Network Live Streaming

Kiloview can provide 4G bonding encoders and HD decoders to transmit video from each camera to the console station in real-time。