Faster, easier, better network live streaming, thanks to Kiloview products. 

For multi-camera programs, such as marathon events, Kiloview can provide 4G bonding encoders (video transmitter) and HD decoders (video receiver) to transmit video from each camera to the console station in real-time (hardware console or software console), mobile shooting is supportable. 

After post-production completed, the live streaming of the video is accessible to show and share on the live broadcast platforms of the whole network through its built-in stream pushing function. If the console device does not have the stream pushing function, the console only needs to be connected to Kiloview encoder and can realize live streaming on different live broadcast platforms.

For single camera program, it only needs to connect Kiloview encoder to camera (or SDI/HDMI signal from computer and others) and network, then it can go for live streaming on different live broadcast platforms.