Azar Producciones, the organizer of the live streaming of the inauguration of some metro stations in Chile, deployed a full IP-based video transmission workflow and low-latency solution with Kiloview P1 4G cellular bonding video encoder, ensuring the stable live stream effect. The president of Chile – Gabriel Boric, and the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications attended this event.


Subway stations are 30-50 meters below ground level, and signals need to be delivered to all national, regional and local channels, to be presented in their newscasts. Therefore, the live streaming required stable video transmission without being constrained by space and signal.


Azar Producciones worked with DUO and Kiloview to deliver a full IP-based live-streaming solution using Kiloview P1 4G cellular bonding video encoder.

Kiloview P1 4G cellular bonding video encoder was located on moving camera. With optimized technology, P1 encoders can automatically balance the data of all connections and adjust the bitrate accordingly to make sure the reliable streaming. Meanwhile, Kiloview P1 offers an ultra-low latency video streaming experience, which is suitable for remote production, IRL streaming, or audience interaction with high quality. End-to-end latency with 4G-bonding server is less than one-second under normal working conditions. (In Chile all the stations of the metro network have 4G and 5G cellular signal.)

Kiloview P1 supports RTSP, RTMP, SRT, HLS, TS-UDP and more, and can stream to 16 platforms simultaneously by configuring the main and sub stream in the web console, that means you can stream to all the popular platforms with the same content. So that the video signals of the inauguration were successfully delivered to all national, regional and local channels, to be presented in their newscasts.


The live streaming of the the inauguration of some metro stations kept audience up to proceedings on the action in real-time.

“we believe that a good coup as we won the space to other very big brands in the transmission of this inauguration.” said Matías Palau, the Commercial Director of DUO.