Kiloview IP-based OB Van

Why You Need the IP-based OB Van?

As a product under the trend of video production based on IP, our OB Van has broad application prospects andcan be widely used in the new construction and transformation of convergence media vehicle, variety production vehicle, sports event broadcast van, emergency command vehicle, and new media production vehicle. At the same time, it brings great significance to the rapid development of the video production and broadcasting industry. The core advantages of low cost and high efficiency allow more small and medium-sized video production teams to bring more new possibilities to the entire media industry with more flexible and advanced technical systems.

Based on NDI IP Technology

The solution of OB Van is based on the Kiloview ecosystem, and equipped with Kiloview Encoders/Decoders, CUBE X1 Distribution System, Multiview Pro, CUBE R1 Recorder System, KIS, to realize the comprehensive production workflow of video acquisition, encoding and decoding, transmission, live streaming, video editing and tone tuning. The interconnection of the OB Van system realizes an efficient and stable video production workflow and provides users with a more convenient, flexible, high-quality experience!

Note: Products and solutions in the OB Van can be flexibly configured according to your needs.

Key Advantages

Professional Production Capabilities

Based on IP, the 10G network can achieve no less than 20 channels of 4K or 50 channels of HD video transmission, and can also easily expand production capabilities.

Lower Cost

Compared with traditional links, equipment, labor, operation, transformation and other costs have been significantly reduced.

Flexible and Convenient

The signal or system layout can be adjusted at any time, the on-site deployment is convenient, the system is easy to upgrade, and the operation is simple.


Support multiple OB Van to work collaboratively (production capacity can be multiplied), support remote production, cloud production, remote management and centralized scheduling.

Security and Stability

Two independent network links (primary and alternative) can be configured to ensure stable system operation.

Space Saving

There is no need for complex wiring, the size of the equipment is reduced exponentially, the operation process is more efficient, and the vehicle can free up more space for use, the 6m*2.5m vehicle can provide 7 workstations.

Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

Adopt environmentally friendly extended range new energy vehicle body solution, the vehicle is equipped with 53KWH battery, and has ultra long long life, can work for 48 hours without electric supply.

Support Customization

The whole solution of Kiloview IP-based OB Van supports customized design, you can choose the corresponding customized plan for the appearance, interior and function according to the actual application scenarios, and fully meet your various needs.

Application Scenario of OB Van

Multi-camera Video Content Production

Kiloview IP-based OB van can be in the need of multi-camera shooting scene, to provide you with a more simple and efficient production solution, and save a lot of production costs.

  • One 10Gbps fiber can transmit 20 channels of 4K or 50 channels of HDvideo.
  • The NDI COREsupports 16 NDI inputs and 32 NDI outputs.
  • Multiview Procan monitor 20 channels of video stream per window, can achieve multi-window, multi-screen pre-monitoring + switching.

Live Streaming of Outdoor Events/Performances

For live events, large-scale performances, outdoor activities, Kiloview 4G SRT wireless transmission scheme can be used.

  • KiloLinktechnology handles weak networks easily.
  • Low latency transmission <
  • Live captions and packaging can be added to live imagesin real time in the OB Van.
  • Supports voice intercom between cameramen and the player.

Emergency Drill

Kiloview OB Van can be used as an emergency drill command vehicle, making the remote emergency command more flexible and fast, and the work deployment more handy.

  • KiloviewHD decoder can support 9 channels of video stream decoding simultaneously.
  • Four cooling fans are designed to ensure that the device runs 7 x 24 hours (RU03 chassis).
  • Personnel in the OB Vancan watch and deploy the work in real time.

Live News Report

In the breaking news scene, Kiloview IP-based OB Van can flexibly and efficiently complete the news video material return, and the OB Van can also act as a temporary live news interview broadcast room.

  • Rack-mounted SRT encoder transmits PGM (SDI) signals to the TV production center over the Internet.
  • There is no need to deploy long distance optical fiber or wireless microwave system, the ordinary Internet can complete the remote transmission of PGM signals, and the end-to-end delay is only about 600ms.
  • There is enough room in the OB Vanto support two or three people for a live interview.


ModelGeely Farizon Auto GLR
Dimension of vehicle body5.99*2.44*3.18m
Dimension of carriage4.14*2.1*2.1m
Weight5.5 tons
Multilayer shock protectionCustomized shockproof chassis + shockproof cabinet + special floor for high-speed rail
Channel capacity8 channels of 4K; Customizable and extensible
Core function4K NDI program recording or live streaming
System product power consumptionAbout 2KW
Hardware product sizeAbout 20U
Network10G, (40G optional)
Endurance mileageAbout 500 km
Maximum speedThe factory set maximum speed limit of 90, the actual maximum speed of 96.
Storage binAbout 4㎡

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Quick Comparison of our NDI Products

Product TypeProduct No.NDI Codec CapabilityVideo I/O ConnectivityResolutionNotes
N6NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXHDMI1080P60
N5NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HX3G-SDI1080P60
N50NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HX12G-SDI4KP60
N60NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXHDMI4KP60SRT Support
N3NDI High Bandwidth3G-SDI1080P60
N30NDI High Bandwidth12G-SDI4KP60
N40NDI High BandwidthHDMI4KP60
NDI Wireless EncoderN1NDI|HXSDI1080P60WiFi supported, Battery Builld-in
N2NDI|HXHDMI1080P60WiFi supported, Battery Builld-in
NDI EncoderE3NDI|HXSDI+HDMI4KP30 in HDMI, 1080P60 in SDI
U40NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXHDMI4KP60
NDI DecoderD350NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HXSDI+HDMI4KP60

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