Kiloview Cradle Series

RU01/RU03/RU03S Rackmount Chassis

Kiloview Cradle Series

RU01/RU03/RU03S Rackmount Chassis

Kiloview Cradle Series features redundant power supplies, allowing for multiple slot capacity of I/O. Embodied cooling fans ensure stable and constant operation. Kiloview Cradle Series can cooperate with various Kiloview I/O card combinations to fit different workflows.

High Density

Kiloview provides the RU01, RU03 and RU03S chassis for application scenes where rack mounting is in demand, which can contain up to 32 I/O cards slot capacity within these high-density chassis.


RU01: 1RU 4-slot chassis

RU03: 3RU 16-slot chassis

RU03S: 3RU 16-slot chassis


Kiloview Cradle Series is compatible with all Kiloview I/O cards. With outstanding performance and coverage of Kiloview I/O cards, the Kiloview Cradle Series offers the most significant versatility solutions to empower all your workflows.


With redundant power supplies equipped as standard, the Kiloview Cardle Series is designed for constant reliability. Built-in cooling fans, indicators and simplified I/O card replacement, giving you cost-efficiency in an easy-to-deploy installation. 

Kiloview Cradle Series Rackmount chassis is shipped with dual PSUs for redundancy and extra security.

RU01: 1RU 4-slot chassis: Dual 35W PU-01

RU03: 3RU 16-slot chassis: Dual 110W PU-03

RU03S: 3RU 16-slot chassis: Dual 300W PU-03S

RE-3 Dual-channel 4K Rackmount Encoder

Kiloview RE-3 is the latest version of our Cradle series rackmount encoder, which enhances the capabilities of our previous RE-1 V2 and RE-2. RE-3 has all the same great features of the original RE series rackmount encoder, but now it gets the same encoding performance as our E3 including 4K and dual video inputs support. With the upgraded encoding capabilities of RE-3, you can now encode 4K video at up to 30 frames per second or HD video at up to 60 frames per second. Dual-channel video inputs provide users with the highest level of flexibility, allowing them to encode both videos in multiple ways. HEVC technology also enables users to live stream to up to 8 destinations simultaneously. RE-3 is a versatile and cost-effective solution for video encoding in various industries. It can be used for live production, live streaming, remote transmission, and post-production.



  • HDMI encoding and 3G-SDI encoding up to 4Kp30 / 1080p60 
  • HDMI input with 4-channel embedded audio
  • 3G-SDI input with 8-channel embedded audio
  • H.265/H.264 codec and multiple IP streaming protocols support including NDI|HX2, NDI|HX3, SRT, RTMP/ RTMPS, HLS, TS over UDP, RTP/RTSP
  • Mix both video inputs as one output or simultaneously encode both video inputs in 1080p
  • Up to 8 destinations live streaming available
  • High-quality video deinterlacing
  • Multiple audio encoding formats support including AAC/MPEG-4/MPEG-3/MPEG-2/Opus/G.711
  • OSD available
  • Low capture/encoding latency
  • NTP server support
  • Local and NAS recording
  • KiloLink Server
  • Kiloview Intercom System (KIS)

Production with Creative Features

Cradle Series support 3.5mm audio input, H.264/H.265 encoding, image and text overlay, video cropping, NAS network storage and other professional functions.

RE-1 V2

SDI Encoding Module: 3G-SDI Input/Loop


HDMI Encoding Module: HDMI Input/Loop


4K HDMI/3G-SDI Encoding Module: 4K HDMI/3G-SDI Input

NDI Encoding/Decoding Module

Support NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HX, 3.5mm audio input and other professional functions

REN-1 V2

SDI Encoding/Decoding Module: NDI|HX 3G-SDI Input/Loop


SDI Encoding/Decoding Module: NDI High Bandwidth 3G-SDI Input/Loop


HDMI Encoding/Decoding Module: NDI|HX HDMI Input/Loop


HDMI Encoding/Decoding Module: NDI High Bandwidth 4K HDMI Input/Loop

Decoding with HD/4K Output


H.265/H.264 HD Decoding Module: 3G-SDI + HDMI*2 Output, 3.5mm Independent Audio, with NDI|HX3*/NDI|HX2/RTMP/SRT Service


H.265/H.264 4K Decoding Module: 3G-SDI + HDMI Output, Splitting Display, with NDI|HX3*/NDI|HX2/RTMP/SRT Service

*: NDI|HX3 feature is under development and we will confirm when it has been certified by NDI.

Streaming with Multiple Protocols

RMG-300 V2

Media Gateway Module: Easily bridges most IP protocols, multi-channel video decoding between NDI|HX, SRT, RTMP, RTSP, TS-UDP, and HLS


ModelRE-1 V2RE-2RE-100REN-1 V2(NDI)REN-100REN-2(NDI)RE-3
Applicable frameRU01, RU03, RU03SRU01, RU03, RU03SRU03SRU01, RU03, RU03SRU03SRU01, RU03, RU03SRU01, RU03, RU03S
Analog audio port1*3.5mm1*3.5mm/1*3.5mm/1*3.5mm1*3.5mm
NDI|HX/ NDI|HX 1.0 and 2.0NDI|HX2/NDI|HX3*
ProtocolsSRT/RTMP/ RTMPS/HLS/TS over UDP/RTP/RTSP /OnvifNDI|HX2/NDI|HX3*/SRT/RTMP/RTMPS/HLS/TS over UDP/RTP/RTSP Onvif (Extensible for SIP/GB-T2818)
Video codecH264/AVC, Motion-JPEGH.265(HEVC)/H.264(AVC)
ResolutionUp to 1080p60HDMI: up to 4Kp30
3G-SDI: up to 1080p60
Network1*100M RJ45 Ethernet1*10/100M/1000M RJ45 Ethernet Port
Audio encodingAAC/G.711
Image and text overlayUser-defined text and image overlay
Video rotation and croppingSupport
Management PortalWeb UI and remote management with KILOVIEW KiloLink Server

*: NDI|HX3 feature is under development and we will confirm when it has been certified by NDI.

Parameters (Decoding Module)

RD-260 Decoding Module

RD-350 Decoding Module

ModelRD- 260RD- 350
Network2 * 100M/1000M RJ- 452 * 100M/1000M RJ- 45
Video Output3G- SDI+HDMI Output, with Different Content3G- SDI+HDMI Output, with Different Content
Video Decoding AlgorithmH.265/H.264H.265/H.264
Decoding CapacityUp to 4 Channels Decoding (4*1080P30 or 2 * 1080P60 and below )Up to 9 Channels Decoding (9*1080P30 or 8*1080P60)
Applicable frameRU01, RU03, RU03SRU01, RU03, RU03S
Protocols SupportedNDI|HX2/NDI|HX3*/SRT/RTMP/RTMPS/HLS/TS over UDP/RTP/ RTSP (*: NDI|HX3 feature is under development and we will confirm when it has been certified by NDI.)
Audio Decoding AlgorithmAAC/G.711
Audio OutputSDI/HDMI Embedded, or 3.5mm Analog Output
Video PreviewSupported
Image/Text OverlaySupported
Management PortalWeb

Parameters (Media Gateway Module)

RMG-300 V2 Media Gateway Module

ModelRMG300 V2
Network2*100M/1000M RJ45 adaptive Ethernets
Decoding output1*SD/HD/3G-SDI, up to 1080P 60Hz
1*HDMI, up to 3840*2160@60Hz
Applicable frameRU01, RU03, RU03S
Analog audio output1*3.5mm Line out
Analog audio input1*3.5mm Line in
USB1*USB 3.0 Type-C
Access protocol NDI-HX/SRT/RTSP/RTMP/TS-UDP/HTTP, (NDI|HX means NDI|HX Version 2.0, SIP/ONVIF (customize)
Output protocolNDI|HX 2.0/SRT/RTSP/RTMP/TS-UDP
Protocol conversion9 channels1080P video conversion
Streaming distribution 50 channels of RTSP, 36 channels of RTMP/SRT
(Not more than 800Mbps)
Live streaming 9 channels*4 channel 1080P
Number of decoding4K 30Hz H.264/H.265: up to 4 simultaneous channels
1080P 50Hz/60Hz H.264/H.265: up to 8 simultaneous channels
1080P 30, 1080i 50/60Hz, 720P and below H.264/H.265:up to 9 channels simultaneously
Video decoding standardH.264, H.265
SDI output format1080P60/59.94/50,1080P30/29.97/25/24/23.98,1080i60/59.94/50.720P60/ 59.94/50, 576i50, 480i60
HDMI output format4K 3840x2160@60/30, 1080p60/50, 1080p24/25/30, 1080i60/50, 720p60/50
Compatible with VESA standard format
Video rate range128Kbps ~ 40Mbps
Audio decodingAAC G.711 (aLaw/uLaw)
Audio rate rangeAAC: 8Kbps ~ 320Kbps G.711: 64Kbps
Decoding delay≤200ms
Split display styleSupport 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 splitting;
Support re-encoding the splitted and recombined video for live streaming/ transmission. The image supports up to 1080P60 H.264 encoding.
Management interfaceWeb
Remote managementSupport
Remote firmware upgradeSupport
Operating temperature-25 ~ 60°C
Dimension & weight140*105*28mm (5.5”*4.1”*1.1”/380g/13.4oz)
Power consumption≤6W
Power supply12V/1A
RemarkNDI|HX means NDI|HX Version 2.0


Dual Power Supplies

Mixed I/O Cards

Cooling Fan

7*24h Operation


Portrait Live

Dual Power

Image Text Overlay

Mixed Modules

Analog Audio

Multi-platform Live

Video Intercom

7*24h Operation

SDK/API Available


TV programming, Lecture capture, Online courses, Distance learning, Course recording, Broadcast meetings, Web training, and so on.


Multimedia Splicing Playing


Network Program


Remote Teaching


Video Conference

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