The Power to Connect all Kiloview devices

Kilolink's Connectivity

KiloLink is a proprietary technology innovated by Kiloview designed to optimize media transmission by any Kiloview device using any available network links.

Based on RUDP (Reliable UDP) transmission technology and precise congestion control algorithms, KiloLink offers stable, efficient, and reliable conventional or multi-link bonding network transmission performing significantly better than the traditional TCP protocol.

Why KiloLink?

Multi-link Bonded
Bonded 4G mobile network with enhanced bandwidth
Stable Transmission
Stable transmission even in signal blind zone

Secured Connection

Improved security and reliability for data connection

Multiple Mobile Network, Expanded Internet Bandwidth

KiloLink technology greatly improves the performance, security and reliability of data transmission. KiloLink’s multi-link aggregation, can maximise the usable bandwidth in marginal 4G situations utilising multiple network links to ensure maximum performance with redundancy.

Bandwidth optimisation

The bonding bandwidth is overlapped so it can accelerate outdoor signal in areas with poor cellular coverage. When a link has bandwidth fluctuations, KiloLink will balance bandwidth load within 100ms to ensure a more stable connection.

High security

KiloLink adopts TLS1.3 encrypted transmission technology and can choose AES-128/AES-256 encryption to ensure the security of transmitted data.

VPN Based

KiloLink natively supports VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology. A VPN tunnel can be established between any two Kiloview devices or a device and the KiloLink Server to achieve secure internal network access through the public internet. In addition, with the VPN you can connect a mobile phone or computer to the shared hotspot or wired network using Kiloview P series products (via USB extension), as an internet router that supports multi-link aggregation.

Easy to deploy.

If two devices that support KiloLink cannot directly traverse NAT/firewall due to the firewall rules, you can use KiloView’s free KiloLink Relay Server (based on Docker) to solve it. Simply implement the service on your cloud platform and quickly deploy the KiloLink Relay Server with one-click. KiloLink will then relay your streaming media and provide unified management of remote devices.


1. Reliable outdoor wireless aggregation point-to-point transmission can be achieved by using P series and directly connecting to Kiloview MG300 (Media Gateway).


2. Device management and streaming media forwarding can be achieved by using the P series to connect to KiloLink Relay Server through 4G aggregation.

Totally free to all Kiloview Family Members

KiloLink technology can be implemented across the whole Kiloview range so all devices can be interconnected using free KiloLink Relay Server software. By deploying the KiloLink Relay Server to a cloud server, you will be able to manage remote devices easily and achieve reliable streaming media.


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