KILOVIEW Intercom Server

Makes Communication Easier

Kiloview Intercom Server

Makes Communication Easier

KILOVIEW Intercom Server

KILOVIEW Intercom Server (KIS) is a multi-channel communication software that is accessible via all KILOVIEW products and browsers through PC/mobile. 

KIS allows 32 terminals to join in the communications with nearly zero latency and is adaptable to your IP-based video transmission workflow. As long as you use KILOVIEW products, you can tailor the KIS system to meet the communication needs in your on-site or hybrid infrastructure.

32 parties intercom signals from all KILOVIEW products/PC/Mobile freely

KILOVIEW Intercom Server (KIS) allows a max of 32 intercoms to join in the communication with one-way receiving or mutual talking under the admin’s control. All KILOVIEW products (hardware or software) can easily leverage the KIS.

Besides, what lift it up to the next level is that KIS allows users to join on PCs and mobiles simply through browsers, anywhere any time. 

No heavy hardware to carry. Simply a KIS can solve the problem in a higher-level effectiveness. 

KIS, born for the KILOVIEW eco-system.

KILOVIEW Intercom Server is compatible with all KILOVIEW products, naturally to be integrated into the eco-system. If you have encoders, decoders, or converters at hand, you can surely turn to KIS for multi-party communication solutions at your on-site or hybrid IP-based infrastructure. 

It’s perfectly designed for spot news-gathering, broadcasting, sports broadcast, studio newsroom, and beyond.

The operation, can't be easier.

Once register your device at the intercom server, the intercom server will automatically generate the editable terminal information (terminal name, display name, IP address).

Also, you can join the communication through your PC/mobile. The administrator owns the authority to assign accounts & passwords or QR codes to users logging in through browsers on PC/mobile. 

Log into the intercom server via devices
Log into the intercom server via QR code

Every second matters. KIS comes with ultra-low latency.

Timing is everything in sports broadcasting or news-gathering live video transmission or TVShow remote production. KIS keeps you following the pace at every crucial second to make sure no key moment is missed.

Centralized management. Admin controls everything

Within a KIS group, the initial administrator has the highest level of management to add, delete and modify all member accounts.

The editable info includes account names, passwords, members’ roles (ordinary users, administrators), etc.

KIS grants you more flexible management and centralized control over everything such as who to speak and who to mute, which channel to volume up and which to down.

Communicate securely, safely, stable and steady

Communicating in military-level security is becoming more and more of a common requirement in most of TVShow broadcasting programs. People want the content to be fully secret and sealed until the date the show faces the public. 

The KIS system adopts SRTP encryption AV encoding and decoding format to keep communication contents confidential.

Moreover, KILOVIEW provides API documents, making the development of additional functions more efficient and reliable.

Free trial. Try it TODAY.

KILOVIEW provides the KIS trial version FREE for all previous KILOVIEW customers. As long as you have KILOVIEW encoders/decoders at hand, try KIS TODAY to save a great budget on audio equipment and make the ends meet.

Provided you apply video transmission, you need KIS

KIS is widely applied in the scenarios of multi-terminal communication such as broadcasting, TV programs, live shows, emergency rescue, news-gathering, large-scale events, remote production, or video conferences. 

As long as you need video transmitted via IP, you can leverage this software to boost communication effectiveness and efficiency. 


Document Download

KILOVIEW Intercom Server Parameters

Parameter/VersionTrialFull Version
Max CH of Terminals832
Max Sampling Rate8KHz8KHz
Channel ModeMonoMono
Encoding FormatG.711G.711
API SupportSupport
Voice Calling FunctionSupportSupport
Kick-Out FunctionSupportSupport
User ManagementSupportSupport
Device ManagementSupportSupport
One-Click On/Off of the MicSupportSupport
Multi-Language SwitchingSupportSupport
ManagementWeb/KiloLink Server ManagementWeb/KiloLink Server Management
OSLinux OSLinux OS
Service Life15 DaysDepending on Authorization
Support DownloadDocs & Firmware

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