Kiloview Intercom Server

Makes Communication Easier

Kiloview Intercom Server

Makes Communication Easier

Kiloview Intercom Server

Kiloview Intercom Server (KIS) allows 10 terminals (8 devices+2  PC/Mobile Web control) to join in the communication and always keeps the same pace with video transmission. As long as you are a Kiloview user, you can easily realize the voice call on site through this intercom server.

10 parties intercom, Devices/PC/Mobile at will

Kiloview Intercom Server allows 10 terminals(8 devices+2 device’s PC/Mobil web management pages)to join in the communication. It means no matter you are using Kiloview devices or just having computer or mobile at hand, you can join the multi-party communication at will.


Kiloview compatible. Natural to be so

Kiloview Intercom Server is compatible with all Kiloview devices, hence no matter whether you have encoders or decoders, you can join the multi-party communication via any of them.


Simpler operation. All for your sake

Once you register your device to the intercom server, the intercom server will automatically generate terminal information (terminal name, display name, IP address). Also, you can join the communication through the PC/mobile, an account and password or QR code will be given by the server administrator.

Log into the intercom server via devices

Log into the intercom server via QR code

Always on pace with video transmission

The intercom can free you from any other extra equipment and it always keeps pace with video production and transmission, which makes it all simple.

Central management. All under control

In a voice intercom group, the initial administrator can add, delete and modify all member accounts. The modified content includes account names, passwords, roles (ordinary users, administrators) etc. During a call, the administrator can also control the voice input switch and volume of each member.


Free trial. Never miss it

Now this version of voice intercom server is FREE for all Kiloview customers. As long as you use Kiloview encoders/decoders, you can save lots of money for audio equipment!

In the future, we will upgrade the intercom server to professional versions which could support

  • Unlimited users
  • Hardware version

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