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Going Live with Kiloview

Connect our encoder (NDI or other protocol) with your camera, add with vMix, OBS or other applications and you’re ready to start streaming for live events.

Kiloview N40 and NDI Helps Toyama Prefecture Growth Strategy Conference Stream Live

The professional capabilities, outstanding performance and the cost-effectiveness of Kiloview N40 are noteworthy. When compared to products with similar functionalities from other manufacturers, N40 can be introduced at a lower cost. It is also easy to propose to customers considering the IP workflows, as it supports a wide range of IP protocols, primarily NDI.

Kiloview P1 Powers the Live Streaming of the Inauguration of some Metro Stations in Chile.

Azar Producciones, the organizer of the live streaming of the inauguration of some metro stations in Chile, deployed a full IP-based video transmission workflow and low-latency solution with Kiloview P1 4G cellular bonding video encoder, ensuring the stable live stream effect. The president of Chile – Gabriel Boric, and the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications attended this event.

Kiloview Delivered Ultra-Low Latency Video Transmission For Streaming of the San Fermín Festival in Spain

“Kiloview has provided us with an excellent service with the necessary technical support for the configuration of all the equipment through its partners in Spain,Ontario Soluciones and 3D Storm. We are very satisfied with the final result of our streamings,” said Ignacio San Martín, Technical manager of EncierroFilms.

How Kiloview’s SRT Transmission Solution is Powering the Live Streaming of SUPERMOTARD Races

With Kiloview’ SRT transmission solution, Studio4Event provided a stable, high-definition, low-latency live streaming for the SUPERMOTARD Races. “Our experience with Kiloview was always excellent. Every time we needed help, support from Kiloview was very timely and made our customer were satisfied with the final result.”

Kiloview Powered the Live-Stream of Formula X Racing Weekend

“Kiloview provides all IP workflow for this event, reducing the need for hardware and staffing compared with the standard-based broadcasting events. To some extent, it lowers production prices overall. The applied technology fully meets our needs. This IP workflow opens many possible solutions for event direction setup. From the most OB-Van solution, to single workstation powered switcher, thanks to Kiloview’s cloud based ecosystem. We are ready to be able to continue the collaboration with Kiloview in the 2023 season: We are very happy to be able to undertake this partnership and thanks to mutual collaboration there will be the possibility of further improving the various technical aspects in the future.” said Luca Panizzi, CEO of FX Master Racing Weekend.

The 50th aQuelle Midmar Mile Goes Live with Kiloview P1 4G Cellular Bonding Video Encoder

Kiloview P1 encoder can automatically balance the data of all connections and adjust the bitrate accordingly to make sure reliable streaming.

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Diagram: Camera-Wired/wifi video encoder-webcast platform- watch on PC or WeChat.

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4G video encoder, live broadcast platform address, network broadcasting system, 4G private or public network.

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