Requirements and questions: A set of portable wireless live broadcast system, can realize live broadcast anywhere and anytime, to ensure the stability of the screen.

Solutions: 4G video encoder, live broadcast platform address, network broadcasting system, 4G private or public network.

Register the live broadcast address on the webcast platform, configure the 4G video encoder to connect to the camera, then can push the streaming to the target online live broadcast address without network wire or a power wire. The viewer can watch the online programs on the network and WeChat.

Diagram: Camera-4G video encoder-webcast platform- watch on PC or WeChat.

In addition, for a multi-camera program that requires a transition director to switch, we can provide a portable network broadcasting system to realize multi-screen switch, image editing, logo addition, subtitle addition, and some other functions. 

Diagram: Cameras- Kiloview 4G video encoders- webcast platform- network broadcasting system- watch on PC or WeChat. 

Features: Multi-channels 4G bonding to ensure stable transition, outdoor wireless mobile live broadcast solution 

Case:A Beijing Sport and technology co.,ltd