Lentia City, located in the heart of Linz, Austria’s third largest city, is a shopping center with a spacious sales area of 20,000 m². Previously, the center utilized a Full-HD PTZ camera with an SDI output to broadcast live footage of music performances and events within the mall. The video signals were transmitted through dedicated AV transmitters using fiber and CAT cables to a central video crossbar. From this central hub, the signals were distributed to all display screens through individual connections, splitters, and other equipment.

Megatechnik Professional Multimedia GmbH, used their product FRAMR, a digital signage ecosystem consisting of cloud software and player hardware with flexibility and performance, and after being recommended by Kiloview’s distributor in Austria, they chose Kiloview’s E1+E2 NDI Encoders, thus they provided a stable and flexible NDI solution to significantly enhance the A/V infrastructure for the Lentia City.

Challenge: Searching for a dependable NDI encoder

Previously, the video signals were initially sent from the Full-HD PTZ camera with an SDI output to a central video crossbar via dedicated AV transmitters using fiber and CAT cables. From this central point, the signals were further distributed to each display screen through separate connections, splitters, and additional equipment.

Megatechnik Professional Multimedia GmbH has a lot of experience in providing live streaming solutions for their customers, so when they received the request from the Lentia City, they knew that using NDI technology and Kiloview’s encoder would provide stable video transmission for live streaming in the mall.

Solution: Kiloview E1/E2 NDI Encoder, the perfect-fit product

Lentia City used a Kiloview E1 NDI encoder to convert the output signal of a Full-HD PTZ camera into an NDI network stream. This stream was then captured by digital signage players placed behind the displays throughout the shopping center, allowing for high-quality, low-latency display of live events and music acts.

Additionally, a Kiloview E2 NDI encoder was employed to capture the signal of a satellite receiver and distribute it via the IP network to each FRAMR signage player. The E1 NDI encoder also facilitated the display of live footage on various screens with minimal signal latency.

Moreover, the E2 NDI Encoder enabled the transmission of sports events from a satellite receiver with HDMI output to all screens, showcasing events such as the FIFA World Cup or skiing competitions.

Kiloview E1/E2 NDI Encoder are the Professional & Affordable HD NDI Video Encoder with the following outstanding advantages:

Supports full range of protocols including NDI|HX/ RTSP/ RTMP/ RTMPS/ SRT/ HLS/ TS-UDP/ Onvif.

Dual-stream output (main-stream and sub stream), each stream can be used to up to 8 platforms with same or different protocols.

Provides simultaneous recording while you are doing live streaming to many media destinations. And redundant recording is realized with SD/TF/USB/NAS.

Outcome: Stable Streaming for every event within the mall

In sum, Kiloview E1/E2 NDI Encoder perfectly fit for Lentia City’s needs. The staff of the shopping mall can now choose what to show inside their building: Advertisement and information, maintained via FRAMR. Signage, or live streaming via the two Kiloview NDI encoders.

“Using the newly integrated products the customer immediately saw the benefits of the reduced maintenance requirements and improved quality. They now can adjust and control the whole signage installation from their smartphone or computer with just a fingertip, where the Kiloview encoder play a vital part,”said Lukas Aumair, CEO of Megatechnik Professional Multimedia GmbH. 

Learn more about FRAMR here: https://framr.tv/en/home/