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How do NDI, Multiview, and ZOOM work together for live streaming to Facebook?

Kiloview as a leading IP-based video transmission solution provider, just had an online webinar with 500 registered attendees from 100+ countries on September 28th.


Medical Monitoring System with NDI

Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Heart Center choose 14 units“Kiloview N40” HDMI to NDI bi-directional converters because they need to encode and decode with 4K60p resolution.


MG300+Cradle Series Decoder Contribute to CCTV’s Archaeological Live Streaming

Kiloview’s MG300+Cradle Series Decoder contribute to CCTV’s live streaming of the new archaeological discoveries in Sanxingdui.

Educational Recording Company Cooperation Project

According to the technical requirements of the educational recording and broadcasting company, the video encoder is embedded in the company’s educational recorder product.

Encoder in JiaoLong Manned Submarine Video Transmission System

According to the specific technical requirements of Jiaolong, we develop a customized video encoder product to encode, record, or transmit multiple off-camera videos to each working platform in the cabin.

Gansu Province Highway Centralized Monitoring Project

The customized encoder can transmit two channels of video in the toll booth, that is, real-time camera video of each lane, and monitor video of the staff in the booth.

Outdoor Sports Event Webcast Case

Through the 4g network, encoded signal pushed to the live broadcast platform, users can watch the event online on the end of network or WeChat.

Indoor Webcast For Entertainment, Games, Conferences, etc.

We provide multiple sets of G series live broadcast encoders, which can be applied in wired network and wireless wifi scenarios to serve the company’s entertainment, games, conferences and other webcast projects.

NDI Core

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