In Texas high school sports, UIL splits schools into six divisions based on school population. 1A, the smallest division, contains schools with a population below 104.9 students and 6A, the biggest division, consists of schools with populations over 2,220 students

In Conferences 2A, 3A, 4A, and 5A both Division I and II advance four teams from each district to the playoffs, with each division playing to a state championship. In the Conference 6A playoff structure, the top four teams from each district advance to the playoffs. The two schools with the largest enrollments automatically advance to the Division I bracket. The remaining two schools advance into the Division II bracket. There are two state champions per conference in Conference 6A.

In the 6A REGION 4 PLAYOFFS, Texas Sports Productions undertook the live streaming of the football game. Texas Sports Productions is a company that does Live streaming Texas High School Football. For this game, they used six Kiloview N6 Full-Functional NDI Converter.

“For our TV broadcasts we decided to switch from 6 HDMI camera inputs to 6+ NDI camera inputs as this allowed for integrated tally lights on the NDI encoders. NDI bandwidth requirements is very high at ~120mbps., and so we immediately began to notice bandwidth utilization issues. This caused dropped frames and unreliable video feeds. After switching to NDI HX2 using the Kiloview N6 converters for all our cameras,  our 1Gbps Ethernet network is now able to handle an enormous amount of camera inputs without issue, ” said Kevin A Evans, Director of Information Technology in Texas Sports Productions

N6 supports encoding & decoding within One Device. It is a bi-directional converter that supports HDMI input (encoder) to both NDI High Bandwidth and NDI HX2 / NDI HX3 with loop through for view on the monitor, or HDMI video output (decoder) from any NDI sources coming from any camera, software or device from any brand, either from NDI High Bandwidth or NDI HX2 / NDI HX3.

“The N6 handles the Texas heat and humidity with absolutely no issues.” said Kevin A Evans. With its excellent quality and consistent performance, the N6 is able to maintain normal and stable operation in Texas’s humid and hot environment.

On top of that, with the feature of USB webcam input, N6 supports the input of USB to NDI signals. Meanwhile, N6 features KIS Pro, KiloLink server, PoE, LCD with big-sized tally, and PTZ control. Therefore, the full-functional NDI Converter-N6 is the perfect device to deliver a more versatile choice for all application scenarios!

“The Kiloview N6 has allowed us to provide a cutting-edge and reliable broadcast with room to grow. We recommend Kiloview encoders/decoders for all serious production workflows.” said Kevin A Evans.