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Surgical Teaching with Kiloview

Our video devices can be installed and deployed in the operating room and classroom. Video sources such as operating room surgical lights, B-ultrasound, and endoscopy can be transmitted to the classroom in real-time for playback; at the same time, the classroom teacher’s lecture and operation requirements can be displayed, and it can be transmitted to the operating room teacher for audio and video interactive teaching.

Telemedicine Streaming Solution

Requirement and issues: A remote video transmission system is required. Medical experts can watch local consultation pictures in real time in …

Medical Classroom Streaming

Registering the live broadcast address on the webcast platform, and configuring the camera to connect the camera to the target live broadcast address in the doctor’s operating room.

Surgery and Detection Monitoring

Connecting one end of the professional SDI to the multi-interface converter to the endoscope or other surgical equipment.

Professional Surgical Teaching Host and Terminals

Kiloview can provide professional teaching hosts and terminals for the medical industry, realizing multi-scenarios real-time interaction between the operating room and remote demonstration classroom.

Basic Surgical Demonstration Teaching Solution

Kiloview also provides basic and low-cost surgical teaching solutions that deploy a video encoder in the operating room.

SDI Video conversion

Kiloview provides high-quality SDI video converter(or PCB boards to be integrated into the device) which supports the conversion of SDI and HDMI/VGA/CVBS/YPbPr signals.

NDI Core

Reminder: You can register to apply for the 15 days free trial of NDI Core Software and we will send them to you by email soon.