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KILOVIEW Expands Its NDI Ecosystem for Supporting End-to-End IP Video Transmission and Production

KILOVIEW NDI Recorder Formal Version releasing! Check it now!

KILOVIEW Launches Its New Device Management Platform KILOLINK Server Free

KILOLINK Server Free is a free centralized KILOVIEW product management platform that allows to manage and set multiple encoders, decoders, NDI converters and softwares in just a few clicks.

Recorded video of the KILOVIEW webinar last month!

Don’t hesitate to check the recorded video of the Webinar about KILOVIEW new product – N60 and our NDI ecosystem!

KILOVIEW Roadmap 2022, a journey of ambitions and challenges

This week, KILOVIEW, a leading IP-based video transmission devices provider, officially released their Roadmap 2022.

KILOVIEW Roadmap 2022 Illustration Video

The KILOVIEW Roadmap 2022 – An ecosystem based on KILOVIEW products and NDI technology.
It’s not a simple collection of products but an ecosystem of current KILOVIEW products, forthcoming products, AV-over-IP solutions, and the logic sewing everything together.


New to the IP-based video transmission world, users often get confused around where to get started and what products or solutions to go for. For the pioneer users in live streaming area, under the profound impacts of quarantine and lockdown, budge-controlling came up to the top of the list, and they’re asking not only a IP-based solution, but an affordable best workflow.

Kiloview Partner Awards 2021

In the Year 2021, the KILOVIEW Partner Awards acknowledge 6 distributors’ overall contribution and leadership in delivering excellence within the professional audiovisual industry around the world.

NDI Switcher Diagram

Kiloview NDI Core: Unlimited NDI Sources & Destinations So Easy!

Kiloview NDI Switcher, a large-scale NDI signal managing and switching system. Similar to traditional digital video matrix, but beyond that, it can provide a high IT management capacity with fully level-to level managing, devices centralized controlling for your videos. And its functions are NDI signal relay and amplification, NDI signal seamless switching, high compatibility for unlimited NDI inputs of any format and any resolution, etc. 

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NDI Recorder

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NDI Core

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