More News and Releases about Kiloview and Video Streaming Industry
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Kiloview new office move

Kiloview 10th Anniversary Celebration & Office Move

10th Aniversary Celebration, Office Move, greetings from Dr. Andrew Cross, President of Global Research and Development at Vizrt.

New function | NDI Discovery Server Function for NDI Converters

Recently, many guys asked us whether NDI could be discovered and connected across network segments. The answer is of course yes. Today I will introduce to you the NDI discovery server function.

New Function | Preset Function for Kiloview encoders

Recently, our products’ firmware have been updated a great deal, and many new functions have been added. Today, I will give a detailed introduction of one of the configurations – Preset Configuration.

Notebook HDMI audio and video output setting method

Notebook HDMI may wish to transmit video and audio at the same time. However, many companions will only notice that there are only pictures and no sound. This small series introduces the configuration steps of HDMI for computer graphics.

Kiloview is invited to attend 2018 NAB Show

From April 7th to April 12th, the 2018 NAB Show, the most prestigious exhibition in the international electronic media industry, was held in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Remote outdoor live interaction | Kiloview assists Anhui TV “520” conference

From May 19th to 20th, the large-scale marriage service event “520” dating conference hosted by Anhui TV Channel- Friendship Association of Anhui, Suzhou, Hubei, Henan province, was hottly held in Scenic Area Tianzhu Mountain of Anhui Province and Guanting Forest in Feixi County.

Encoders N Decoders for wireless transmission

The development of wireless technology in recent years has made it possible to wirelessly transmit at a rate of 100 Mbps from 30 to 100 feet or more. High-definition TV, computer monitors and projectors for high-speed wireless high-definition audio and video image transmission not only give people visual enjoyment, but also provide a lot of convenience for our work and life, and greatly improve work efficiency.

SDI HD System Used in Transportation Industry

SDI HD System Used in Transportation Industry