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Breaking Boundaries - Your AV over IP Trailblazer
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About US
Breaking Boundaries - Your AV over IP Trailblazer
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About Us

Established in 2011, Kiloview is the leading hardware manufacturer and software developer in the AV over IP industry. Our product line covers a comprehensive range of turnkey solutions, including conversion, transmission, management, monitoring, and recording. Kiloview has rapidly emerged as one of the fastest-growing companies in IP-based industries, ranking
No.1 in both technological capabilities & brand influence within the NDI domain.

Through a portfolio boasting 60+ intellectual property rights & software copyrights, Kiloview remains committed to “Solving Customers’ Real Problems”. We have continuously pushed boundaries and established long-term strategic partnerships with NewTek, BBC, NBC, CCTV, Youku & many other industry partners. The sales network extends to 150+ countries & regions.

Determined to be “Your AV over IP Trailblazer”, we focus on foundational AV over IP technologies. In the ever-evolving landscape, Kiloview prioritize innovative R&D to deliver revolutionary solutions to customers.

Kiloview Philosophy —Any In, Any Out, Anywhere

Kiloview can handle all kinds of video input. No matter it’s baseband SDI or HDMI signals, HD, 4K or IP contents, Kiloview can always provide you either a hardware or software solution to output the IP streams in different protocols, including SRT, RTSP, RTMP, HLS, RTP, TS-UDP, NDI|HX via H.264/H.265 or NDI, or baseband SDI or HDMI, along with more useful functions including recording, transcoding, etc.

With Kiloview Integrated Management System (IMS), no matter where your device is, Kiloview will be able to manage all the sources, status of devices remotely.

Kiloview Frame Work

Kiloview Ecosystem

Kiloview specializes in providing comprehensive one-stop solutions for AV over IP industry. With core KiloLink & NDI technologies, we’ve built a complete IP ecosystem covering video capture, encoding, management, recording, decoding, monitoring, and production. This ecosystem, characterized by its full IP-based & lightweight advantages, is widely applicable across various fields, including broadcasting, healthcare, education, conferences, sports, houses of worship & other AV-related industries.

Kiloview Roadmap


Thanks to Kiloview’s technology and understanding in IP-based video transmission, Kiloview is devoted to offer the best solutions for your live streaming, video production and remote interaction in broadcast, pro AV and all the other industries.

Professional R&D

Focusing on the development and optimization of video encoding/decoding technology and algorism, Kiloview owns the comprehensive ability on DSP/SoC/FPGA and software development.

High Reliability

Kiloview product line covers video encoding/decoding/conversion/transcoding/stream media service etc. hardware and software. Kiloview now becomes the symbol of high-reliability IP-based transmission products. Our NDI series products and Multiview software play an important role in the whole NDI ecosystem.

Worldwide Partners

Global Sales Network

At present, Kiloview is widely spread in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide and is widely deployed in TV production, live broadcast, education, surgical live, audio and video engineering, public security surveillance, command and dispatch, corporate marketing, and other industries.

Our Vision and Mission

Kiloview will continue to invest in R&D to develop more products with the most advanced technology and algorithm;

Kiloview will provide more reliable, more professional while more cost-effective IP-Based transmission products for all the industries, including 4K/8K.

Kiloview will continuously promote NDI technology for a more prosperous ecosystem.

Software drives the future of video. Kiloview will devote ourselves to building a more comprehensive software solution for video.

Kiloview moved to the new office, to offer customers with better communication and experience space while providing all the employees a comfortable working environment.

We keep innovating and developing more products that fits customers’ needs, to build Kiloview a world-class brand awareness.

Breaking Boundaries - Your AV over IP Trailblazer

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