KiloLink Server

Centralized KILOVIEW Product Management Platform

Centralized Management, Anytime, Anywhere

KiloLink Server Free is a free centralized KILOVIEW product management platform based on KiloLink, the patented technology of KILOVIEW.

With KiloLink technology, the KiloLink Server Free optimizes the process of IP-base video transmission to remotely bulk upgrade, restore, reset or restart any paired KILOVIEW products with a  few clicks. 

With detailed management modules, you can manage a single catalog or a specific device as you need.  Also, you can control the system permission of each user group and a specific user with a super admin account.

Gathering all the above functions, KiloLink Server Free makes point-to-point accurate product management so easy. 

Highlights of KiloLink Server Free

The Ultimate Devices Management Tool

KiloLink Server Free is a free centralized KILOVIEW product management platform based on KiloLink, the patented technology of KILOVIEW.

In the device management section, you can easily monitor the basic parameters and status of the videos, audio and network.

Switching to the maintenance mode, the users are allowed to restart/reset the devices and upgrade the firmware with a simple few clicks.

For remote management of multiple devices, KiloLink Server Free provides an efficient workflow, a safer data transmission, and a better user experience.

Web Page Login, User Friendly

Simply with Chrome, Edge, Safari and other browsers, you can log into KiloLink Server Free.  You can easily check device status, preview (or thumbnails), configure device parameters, turn on and off streaming push, control device start/stop, PTZ control ……, etc. via PC, Pad or smartphone without any software installation.

RUDP Based, Make Transmission Safer

KiloLink Server Free adopts KILOVIEW’s patented KiloLink technology, which achieves multi-link aggregated transmission based on the BBR algorithm and RUDP (Reliable-UDP), and ensures that the entire data transmission process secure & reliable with TLS1.3 technology and multiple encryption methods such as AES-256/AES-128/CHACHA20 available.

Accurate and Efficient Management

Tree Directory Structure: KiloLink Server Free adopts a tree directory structure, structured in the form of a tree, allowing users to create up to 5 levels of subdirectories. You can freely move devices or software systems in/out of directories, and assign permissions to devices in categories to achieve flexible access control.

System Permission Management: You can create different user groups for different business scenarios and assign a specific hardware device or software system management permissions to a defined user group in order to greatly improve management efficiency and security in a large-scale equipment management workflow. 

Batch Firmware Uploading and Upgrading

KiloLink Server Free supports uploading and upgrading firmware in batch, simplifying your firmware management process. 

The uploaded firmware will be automatically classified into the corresponding device list. So you can upgrade the needed firmware in the same product list with just one click.

Firmware uploading

Firmware upgrading

Easy to Deploy and Easy to Start

All OS supported: Docker technology applied, KiloLink Server Free can be freely deployed on Linux,  cloud or on-premise.

KiloLink Server Free deployment is super easy, with only a single command, the Server deployment will be completed. 

Ultra-low Resource Occupation, Stable Operation

KiloLink Server Free runs with low CPU/RAM occupation and low hardware performance requirements. It is suitable for ordinary VPS virtual server deployments; in principle, only one UDP service port and one HTTPS service port need to be opened to work, which simplified the network management.

Note: KiloLink Server Free is a free product centralized management platform, and KiloLink Server for bonding is a management platform for P series 4G aggregation encoder, including streaming services, and multi-link aggregation, the two are independent products, please pay attention to the distinction!

Hardware Parameters Recommendations
(Applies to the KiloLink Server Free, or KiloLink Server Pro.)
CPUX86 64-bit CPU, 2 cores or higher, at or above 2.0GHz
Hard DiskMore than 16GB of available space
RAM4GB RAM or higher
BandwidthFor regular device management and control, a bandwidth of no less than 256Kbps per device (or software system) is used as a measurement basis, multiplied by the total number of devices under management as a bandwidth configuration reference.


KiloLink Server Parameters

Parameters/Product TypeKiloLink Server FreeKiloLink Server Pro(coming soon)
Max Number of Management32Unlimited
Streaming Media ServiceNOExtended Supported
User/Group ManagementYESYES
System Permission ManagementYESYES
Firmware UpgradeYESYES
Organizational ManagementYESYES
Operation EnvironmentDocker Virtualization EnvironmentDocker Virtualization Environment
Service LifePermanent freePay for Authorization
Support DownloadDocs & Firmware

Note: Please make sure your products are upgraded to the latest firmware version before connecting to the KiloLink Server Free. (KiloLink Server Pro is on the way…)

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