In recent years, technological advances and shifting audience preferences have normalized live streaming in theaters. The accessibility provided by the Internet allows audiences to enjoy live performances on online platforms, eliminating the need for physical attendance and expanding theaters’ audience base, thereby boosting revenue streams.

Live streaming enhances the audience’s experience through high-definition video and audio transmission, delivering immersive audio-visual effects. This growing trend offers theaters opportunities to attract larger audiences, enhance viewing experiences, and explore innovative business models. The pivotal role of high-quality video transmission and streaming solutions in theaters is increasingly evident in this evolving landscape.

Traditionally, live theaters relied on physical devices and conventional audio and video connections, requiring extensive wiring and specialized technicians. In contrast, Kiloview’s advanced IP network-based solution transforms audio and video signals into data packets for seamless live streaming and remote system operation.

Key Advantages of IP Network-Based Setup:
1. Flexibility: Adaptable to diverse scenarios and needs, allowing for the installation and deployment of cameras and microphones in different spaces without the need for extensive wiring.
2. Scalability: Easily scalable and upgradable, supporting more complex audio and video systems with the addition of network nodes and devices.
3. Remote Access and Control: Enables remote monitoring and operation of the theater’s audio/video system over the Internet, eliminating the need for on-site presence.
4. Cost Savings: Reduces the requirement for physical connections and devices, resulting in cost savings and operational simplicity.

Kiloview offers an advanced IP-based solution for multi-theatre live streaming. Within each theatre hall, the deployment of cameras, microphones, and NDI video encoders/decoders is sufficient. In the theatre’s control room, the centralized deployment of the NDI distribution system, NDI production system, NDI Multiview system, and voice intercom system allows centralized signal production from various halls.

Kiloview’s solution brings numerous advantages, including lightweight design, high efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, making it the best choice for multi-theatre live streaming.

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