Changsha, China–December 17th,2021- Kiloview launched the NDI Core, a core system for your NDI sources to centralized Control, Organize, Route and Everything. There are three members in the NDI Core family: Basic, Pro, and customized hardware version. Plus and Pro is software version NDI Core with a 15-day free trial and users need to deploy the docker by themselves while the customized version is the hardware version of NDI Core without a free trial period for users who want a turnkey solution.  

With NDI Core, you can manage signal sources from dozens to thousands and build smooth and seamless switching for all signal sources. Besides, It supports various formats of NDI stream input, switch, copy, and output. Also, server hot standby, self-customized polling, log, and user management are supported. All make it suitable for such applications as broadcast and TV program production, multi-channel NDI projection, multi-channel NDI conference.

NDI Core can handle dozens of NDI sources from NDI cameras, NDI mobile phones/computers, NDI codecs, NDI production systems, and other NDI-enabled software and hardware systems with different formats and resolutions, with NDI discovery to add NDI sources automatically and manually as well. And with NDI Core, you can relay and amplify NDI source from any input to unlimited output and be connected to any endpoint devices like NDI decoder, studio monitor, multiview, and other NDI hardware and software systems.

Moreover, you can switch among all NDI sources freely and seamlessly with the playlist for polling or single loop playback and the IO panel, and the crosspoint panel. Without a blank screen, stagnation, and blurred, the signal switching delay at the cluster end is only about 1 frame.

At last Kiloview NDI Core can also offer you such powerful functions as Tally/PTZ/Metadata transmission, HTTP API, and log management, user and role management, etc.

In all, NDI Core is born to meet your needs of managing and switching dozens of NDI devices. And now we are willing to offer 15 days free trial to all of you and if you like it, you can register on our webpage and we will send the beta version of the NDI Core software later December 2021, and when the 15 days trial period is over, you can buy the authorization code or buy hardware version from our local partner.

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Founded in 2010, Kiloview is a professional hardware manufacturer as well as software developer & solution provider in the field of IP-based video transmission and management, with products across the range of video encoding, decoding, conversion, IP-based video switching and streaming, including SDI/HDMI (HD or 4K UHD) to IP via H.264/H.265/NDI by Ethernet, wifi or 4G-LTE/5G-LTE, etc. 

With the philosophy of ANYIN ANYOUT ANYWHERE, Kiloview is dedicated to providing high quality and reliability video transmitting products and innovating in hardware and software, to help thousands of professional customers in Broadcast, Sports, Education, Medical, Security, Enterprise, etc.

Kiloview supports full protocols including NDI®, NDI®|HX, SRT as well as RTSP, RTMP, HLS, RTP, TS-UDP, ONVIF, SIP, with flexible types of rackmount multi-channels and functions such as PTZ control, recording, streaming services. It makes Kiloview capable to offer the most versatile AV-over-IP solution in the world.

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