Before we had computer software, we only had live TV shows and it was not clear. With the development of network technology and audio and video technology, the live webcast has gradually entered our line of sight. The live broadcast channels have emerged like wild mountains and floods, especially the network video transmission based on H.264 compression algorithm has become more and more The easier it is, so why do you need a high-definition video encoder for live broadcasting?

In fact, when the network just started, the video could not be transmitted through the network at first. Why? Because the uncompressed video data is quite huge, one minute of video can occupy a few gigabytes of space, so the network transmission speed It is difficult to visualize video content quickly. In fact, before the H.264 algorithm was presented, the video was generally transmitted using the CD as a medium.

So doing webcasting actually has something in common with live TV broadcasts, that is, all video transmissions require video cameras or other video data sources. The amount of data before these video source information is not compressed is very large. Especially for high-definition video sources, the higher the HD device, the more details it displays, the larger the amount of data will be. The above mentioned video needs to be transmitted on the network, it is necessary to encode the original huge amount of data. Compress compression to reduce redundant information and then complete network transmission. The video encoder is a professional video data encoding device centered on the H.264 encoding algorithm. It can encode the video content input into the HD camera and other related devices into the amount of data that the network can carry in a short time. Go to the remote video server and complete the fast communication of the network video. Therefore, doing live broadcast requires a high-definition encoder.

The differences between software encoding and hardwawre decoding

High-definition video encoders are soft-coded and hard-coded. Soft-coded refers to professional computer software that can perform video coding functions. For example, OBS also utilizes the H.265 encoding algorithm. If you use a software encoder, you need to use HD capture. The card first transmits the video information collection processing to the computer for live broadcast. Hard coding refers to a hardware device with a professional video encoding chip, which can connect video source devices and network cables, and can directly transmit the encoded content through the Internet. Comparing soft coding is more efficient and functional.

Changsha Kiloview has launched a G series wireless live broadcast encoder according to industry demand. This is a high-definition SDI video interface H.264 encoder, which is a high-definition 4G network, Wifi network, wired Internet. Video encoder for video streaming. Supporting high-definition 1080P60Hz resolution encoding hardware equipment, using the latest high-efficiency H.264 high-definition digital video compression skills, with stable and reliable, high-definition, low bit rate, low latency and so on. Input 1 channel HD SDI audio and video signal plus one channel 3.5 audio signal, encode processing, through DSP chip compression processing, output standard TS network stream, directly replace the traditional acquisition card or software coding mode, select hard coding mode, body spinning More stable, the image is more perfect, and it can also support mixed input of external audio and video.