How does PTZ control Work on NDI Codecs/Converters/Encoders/Decoders

Kiloview NDI decoder (expandable control keyboard) + Kiloview NDI encoder + PTZ camera

NDI is currently a popular video transmission protocol. In addition to transmitting high-quality, low-latency audio and video signals, it can also transmit control signals such as Tally and PTZ. A single network cable makes the field deployment quick and convenient. But as of PTZ cameras in the present market, except for a few NDI PTZ cameras, most other PTZ cameras cannot directly receive NDI/PTZ control commands. A full range of NDI encoders from Kiloview Electronics can receive NDI/PTZ signals sent from NDI production systems and NDI decoders (such as Kiloview NDI decoders, NDI Monitor, etc.), and convert them to conventional PTZ protocols, such as Sony Visca/ PELCO-D/PELCO-P, etc. Connect and control the front-end PTZ camera through a serial port or network, it facilitates the control connection between the NDI back-end production/monitoring system and the front-end PTZ camera, which simplifies the video shooting production site’s workflow. (See related blog: How does PTZ Control Work on NDI® Cameras?)

The application scenarios go as follows:

1. On-site NDI production monitoring system + Kiloview NDI encoder + PTZ camera

If NDI/PTZ signals can be sent from the on-site NDI production monitoring system such as Tricast, NDI Monitor, etc., you only need to configure a Tricast NDI encoder to make PTZ control work. For example, as for a serial PTZ camera, connect the NDI 

encoder and the PTZ camera via a serial cable; as for a network PTZ camera, you only need to connect the PTZ camera to the same local area network. PTZ control is so simple and efficient with the help of NDI network – No additional wiring needed.

2. Kiloview NDI decoder (expandable control keyboard) + Kiloview NDI encoder + PTZ camera

If there is no control system that sends PTZ signals on site, for example, vMix supports NDI video input production, but is not compatible with NDI PTZ function, you can choose Kiloview NDI decoder + Kiloview NDI encoder, and PTZ camera to realize NDI/ PTZ control function. Kiloview NDI decoders send NDI/PTZ commands to be received by Kiloview NDI encoders, and then control the PTZ camera via the serial port or network. What’s more convenient is that Kiloview decoders can extend the digital keyboard through the USB port, and you can directly control the front-end PTZ camera flexibly on the keyboard.

In addition, if it bothers to deploy the Kiloview NDI decoders, you can also send PTZ commands directly on their Web management backstage, by which you can also connect and control the front-end PTZ cameras via the serial port or the network.

Kiloview Electronics is NewTek’s strategic partner especially in NDI field with its full line of NDI codecs and NDI|HX converters featuring PTZ control, low cost and more function. Welcome for inquiry left at [email protected]

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