In early February 2022, an important kick-off event of HEC Pharm Group was held simultaneously in 14 different cities. The HEC Pharm Group turned to KILOVIEW before the event for the SRT-based Internet transition technology to preset the realize the remote video transmission and interactions across the main venue and 13 sub-venues. KILOVIEW’s technologies, products, and solutions guaranteed the success of this event which was worth 99.08 billion CNY.

The main venue

Nowadays, it’s more and more common that big enterprises are asking for the opening events happening at multiple locations can strictly start at the same time. These enterprises usually utilize IP-based video transmission services to fulfill their requirements of filming, live streaming, controlling, and recording the entire construction kick-off multi-city opening ceremony by connecting distant cities via audiovisual technologies. Thus their requirements for the AV-over-IP services will be as follows: (1) transfer videos from several locations remotely; (2) interact with each other by real-time videos; (3) keep videos to be high-quality, low-latency, reliable and stable.

This live event sets its main venue in Yidu City, Hubei Province, and 13 sub-venues located remotely in 13 other cities. The mission asked KILOVIEW to transfer audiovisual signals from the main venue to 13 sub-venues with low delay, high resolutions, and natural textures. Meanwhile, the infrastructure should enable people from sub-venues to interact with colleagues in the main venue.  

One of the sub-venues

KILOVIEW provided all of the necessary codec equipment and technical supports throughout the event. We set several KILOVIEW SRT codecs in the main venue. The KILOVIEW decoders in the main venue were receiving and sending videos from sub-venues to the on-site production unit. The received video signals from sub-venues and the video signal from the main venue were then combined to create an interactive program signal. Meanwhile, the program signal would be delivered to sub-venues and streamed on the 13 huge screens located at the sub-venues.

The client only needed one set of SRT codecs in each sub-venue to complete the entire process of delivering and receiving videos from the main venue, resulting in a low-cost solution with successful outcomes. KILOVIEW has done an excellent job at remotely producing, transmitting, and viewing audios and videos in HD quality through several codec boxes.

Remote interactions

KILOVIEW’s encoders and decoders play a crucial role in the event, ensuring people from different remote venues communicate with each other. We sent videos clearly and seamlessly with low latency between each event location. As a result, the video performance is successful and highly praised by the client.

KILOVIEW has been handling long-distance communications since the moment of establishment. We have been providing remote audio&video connections to a variety of enterprises, institutions, and projects that granted KILOVIEW rich experiences in audiovisual services. Most importantly, KILOVIEW proudly witnesses the success of our clients to communicate with their desirable audience anytime and anywhere.