Requirement and Issues: A remote video transmission system is needed to transmit real-time videos such as doctor’s surgical scenes and lectures to large classrooms for viewing by many medical students.

Kiloview’s solutions: Wired encoder, webcast address, HD decoder

Register the live broadcast address on the webcast platform, and configure the camera to connect the camera to the target live broadcast address in the doctor’s operating room. The doctor’s surgery screen or lecture content can be transmitted online to the target live address. In the classroom outside the operating room, a set of HD decoding is configured. The device connects to the network and displays a large screen, and the surgical teaching screen can be presented in real time on a large local screen.

Schematic diagram: Camera – Kiloview’s cable live broadcast encoder – webcast platform – HD encoder – local large screen display. The biggest feature of this solution is that: it can realize high-definition and smooth for the live broadcast.