Notebook HDMI may wish to transmit video and audio at the same time. However, many companions will only notice that there are only pictures and no sound. This small series introduces the configuration steps of HDMI for computer graphics. 

Since some models in the computer graphics card do not have an integrated audio decoding module, I need you to combine the SPDIF jumpers on the motherboard and the graphics card. They are two-pin interfaces. It is easy to find the comparison. The graphics cards with the jumper are GeForce8 and GeForce9. , GTX200 series.

In the shutdown mode, combined with the HDMI cable. Boot, open the control panel – hardware and sound after entering the system, click on the sound, if there is no new playback settings, right click in the blank space, check “Show disabled settings” If the system has already scanned the new playback settings, right-click on the setting, click “Enable”, and right-click on the 64-bit and 32-bit systems again.