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SRT protocol is the focus of public network transmission technology

Public network transmission technology is a hot topic and the most important link in the development of media technology.

Public network transmission technology is a hot topic and the most important link in the development of media technology. SRT protocol plays a very important role in the public network transmission field because of its advantages in security, reliability and low latency. It is essentially a UDP-based platform that uses a lossy network to ensure reliability. The SRT guarantees that the packet cadence sent is the same as the packet hopping received by the decoder, which can solve the UDP packet loss and scheduling problem. It also eliminates the buffering delay of TCP. In the public network transmission technology, enhanced UDP is destined to replace TCP to transmit low-latency video streams. Public network transmission can play an important role. Most of the traditional encoders and decoders use the UDP protocol, which cannot solve the problem of jitter and packet loss under the public network, because the traditional codec cannot be applied to the common Internet transmission scenario. The SRT transmission protocol can successfully implement secure and reliable high-definition video transmission between multiple places in a common Internet scenario. At the BIRTV2019 and IBC exhibitions in the Netherlands, Kiloview focused on the field test of SRT technology. The SRT can control the end-to-end of the Internet transmission within 1 second. In the case of 20% network packet loss, the picture still does not freeze. Its “low latency, anti-network jitter” advantages are sought after by users around the world. SRT is the requirement of public IP transmission of high-definition code stream, which can greatly save the bandwidth cost of private network. 2019 The 6th China Industrial Internet Summit Forum, with the theme of “Intelligent+•5G Application·Artificial Intelligence”, explored the content of digitalization and intelligence of traditional industries around the deep integration of the Internet and the real economy. China Unicom has demonstrated the advantages of SRT transmission technology while demonstrating 5G applications. Therefore, in the future development of the media, public network transmission using SRT technology is the best solution.

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