Requirement and Issues: Most medical equipment such as surgical equipment or endoscopes, the output is SDI video format, can not be directly displayed on other formats, this time requires a professional video format conversion device, surgical equipment, or endoscopy SDI video of medical detection equipment such as mirrors are converted to HDMI format (or another display format) and displayed on the display.

Kiloview’s solutions: SDI to multi-interface converter

Connecting one end of the professional SDI to the multi-interface converter to the endoscope or other surgical equipment, and connecting one end to the HDMI format display to enlarge the video image detected by the endoscope or other surgical equipment to achieve high-definition display. Process monitoring of the surgical procedure/detection process.

The performance characteristics of this solution are: professional image conversion technology, and support frame rate, resolution conversion

Schematic diagram: Endoscope or other surgical equipment – SDI to multi-interface converter – local large screen display

Typical case: a medical technology company in Shanghai