The differences between software video converter and hardware HD video converter

Speaking of video converters, perhaps many people think that it is the conversion of video format, which is the conversion of video formats such as AVI, MP4, MOV, RMVB, etc., but this is just a kind of video conversion that belongs to the software range. Device. In addition to this kind of software converter, there is also a kind of hardware HD converter, which mainly converts for different video signals, such as HDMI to SDI, VGA to SDI, CVBS to SDI, and so on. It is a video signal that can convert video signals of different interfaces and different modes into required video signals for output. So what do we need to convert video with software converters and when do we use hardware HD converters? The following small series for us to introduce.

Software converter
Different video formats and resolutions sometimes cause the corresponding video file data to be very large, and there are more or less differences between each format. For example, a video file in AVI format, its English full name is Audio Video Interleaved, which is an audio video interlaced format. The AVI format is a video format introduced by Microsoft Corporation in November 1992. The advantage of this format is that the call is convenient, the image quality is good, and it can be used across multiple platforms, but the disadvantage is that the file size is too large, and a specific video format is also required in some specific applications. For example, FLV audio and video files are more suitable for network transmission, so sometimes we need to use a software converter to convert the video format, and then easy to spread and watch.

HD converter
The video signal converter refers to a special hardware device that converts different video signals into corresponding video interface outputs, and then conveniently connects the video output and the video display device.

If the SDI video interface of the professional camera output needs to be connected to the HDMI interface, the SDI to HDMI high-definition converter can be used, and the SDI interface of the professional camera output is fed to the SDI input interface of the converter through the converter, and then the HDMI output of the converter is output. The interface is connected to the HDMI display, and then the HDMI display can be used to view the live view of the camera.

In summary, the conversion of the video format is a software conversion, which is performed on a computer. The conversion of the video signal is a conversion of the video signal involved in two different video interfaces, and is a hardware connection device. HD converters are more widely used in broadcasting and security, security monitoring and other fields.

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