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Show Dates: June 12th-14th,2024

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Encoding & Decoding

Starting: Whether it is the 4KP60 NDI or Dante sources, No matter what sources in (UHD/HD), Kiloview has achieved complete productization support to convert these signals to NDI/Dante/SRT, and others. In the capture end, we can efficiently & losslessly convert any source through the all-in-one converter. At the stage, we demonstrate the broad inclusiveness in the Kiloview ecosystem.

The N60 is Kiloview’s next-generation NDI video encoding/decoding product, supporting up to 4KP60/12G-SDI NDI High Bandwidth/NDI HX/NDI HX3/SRT video streams.Leveraging advanced FPGA technology and cutting-edge AVC/HEVC encoding/decoding & NDI algorithms, it supports YCbCr 4:2:2 color space and 10-bit color depth, achieving broadcast-grade quality. The device is equipped with LCD display and control wheel design for easy operation.

Support Dante Audio and Dante AV-H拓扑图白底上

Marking its debut in supporting Dante AV-H, Kiloview introduces its latest products and solutions. The seamless integration of Dante Audio and Dante AV-H expands Kiloview’s support for mainstream audio transmission protocols, ensuring the workflow flawless, high-quality video with minimal latency (600ms end-to-end). Additionally, Kiloview’s SRT solution supports Tally, voice intercom, and more, offering a holistic approach to meet diverse user needs.

Routing & Management

Processing: On-site, we will demonstrate the capabilities of our devices in routing, distributing and switching multi-CH signals. In practical workflows at multiple business scenarios, the traditional solution is to complete complex signal processing through large numbers of cables and corresponding hardware devices. Now, with the CUBE X1, we have achieved connectivity for all camera sources on location, effortlessly accomplished via network cables.

The CUBE X1 Distribution System is a compact semi-2U device to route & distribute NDI video streams. It supports NDI HX 16 inputs/32 outputs (if all NDI High Bandwidth sources, 13 inputs/26 outputs), enabling seamless switching of all signals. Functions include router distribution mode, multi-channel distribution, multi-task grouping management, signal looping playback. It is compatible with various NDI formats (NDI HX/NDI HX3), without resolution (UHD/HD) limitations of inputs. The CUBE X1 system can be perfectly applied in scenarios such as broadcasting & TV production, online streaming, medical teaching demonstrations, video conferences, etc.

NDI Distribution Workflow

Distribution Mode: All NDI sources are individually connected to the matrix server, with switching & distribution handled internally

Router Mode: Allows decoding terminals to directly pull NDI input video sources without passing through the matrix, saving bandwidth and effectively improving the performance of the X1.

Multiview & Recording


Management:Monitoring & recording are essential steps in real-world examples. The Multiview Pro monitoring system seamlessly bonds with the X1 switching, enabling customized multi-split monitoring of all signal on site; it is worth mentioning that not only the NDI streams, it can be compatible with all mainstream protocols in the market. Also, standing as the most powerful multi-CH synchronous recording system on the market, CUBE R1 provides a stable and secure recording experience for our overall IP-based workflow.

NDI Multiview System (Multiview Pro) offers customizable multi-screen/multi-window displays. It monitors up to 20 video streams per window, with seamless switching and compatibility of NDI High Bandwidth & NDI HX/NDI HX3. You can operate directly via the web interface (based on WebRTC) for efficient screen monitoring & application switching. It includes the following functional points:1.Each window supports1-9/16/20 split-screen display. 2.Seamless switch between PVW+PGM supports single & multi-screen outputs. 3. Program output / Mix output.

The CUBE R1 is the perfect NDI video recording & playback device for live production, post-production, on-set. It supports simultaneous recording of up to 4 channels of 4K video or 9 channels of 1080P60 HD video. With 1/4/9 multi-screen video preview options and a 5.5-inch touch LCD display, it offers real-time playback with features like fast forward, rewind, frame-by-frame playback, etc. Dual SSD storage drives enable hot-swapping for unlimited NDI High Bandwidth/NDI HX/NDI HX3 recording.

Production & Streaming

Cross Internet / Mobile / Bonding

Streaming: Live production is the final outcome for the entire workflow, in terms of cross-internet applications. We will officially showcase the multi-CH wireless bonding and stable streaming capabilities of our new product P3, with the perfect compatibility of third-party production systems.

From last year’s anticipation to today’s official debut, the P3 3G-SDI & HDMI 5G wireless bonding encoder has exceeded expectations, setting new market standards with its cutting-edge features. With 6-network-bonding capabilities and all-day reliability, it stands out as the most powerful product in its class.

Powered by patented KiloLink transmission technology, the P3 family provides a revolutionary bonding service that reduces user expenses and ensures low-latency, high-reliability transmission. These devices are essential for outdoor live streaming, remote production, and mobile shooting, delivering advanced features and reliable performance across various industries.

Real-world Scenarios





House of Worship

Medical Demonstration

Multi Campus Control

SRT Main and Branch Venue Interaction Solution

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