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NDI series

Q1: What is the default login IP, the default login account and password.

A1: The default login IP address is, and the default login account and password are both admin.

Q2: The login page cannot be displayed or the display is incomplete.

A2: It is recommended to change the browser and choose Google or Firefox with better compatibility to log in again.

Q3: How to recover the forgotten IP or login account.

A3: The RST reset button on the back of the device, press for about 5 seconds, the device will restart to restore the factory default settings.

Q4: What are the power supply modes supported by the device?

A4: Support TYPE-C power supply and network port POE power supply. PoE power supply needs to be supported by a network switch.

Q5: What is the difference between the two TYPE-C interfaces on the device panel?

A5: TYPE-C marked DC5-18V is the power supply interface.
Another TYPE-C can extend USB, support extended keypad to control the switch of decoding output; support extended RS232/RS485 for PTZ control of front-end camera.

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