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What is the login IP of the video encoder and how to start the device?

Q1: What is the default login IP of the encoder?

Answer: The default login IP address is

Q2: What is the login account and password of the encoder?

Answer: The default login account and password are both admin.

Q3: After entering the account password, the page cannot be displayed or the display is incomplete.

Answer: It is recommended to change the browser and choose Google or Firefox with better compatibility to log in again.

Q4: How to recover the forgotten login IP or login account password.

Answer: The RST reset button on the device panel, press for about 5 seconds, the device will restart to restore the factory default settings.

Q5: The device cannot be turned on when connected to the power supply, and the power light does not turn on.

Answer: Check whether the power adapter is connected, please use the power adapter originally provided by the manufacturer. Replace or troubleshoot the power adapter. If the POWER indicator still does not light up after the device is powered on, please contact the manufacturer or supplier for repair or replacement.

Q6: After logging in to the WEB management page, the picture preview shows a blue screen.

Answer: When the HDMI/SDI video source is not connected, the preview is blue screen. If it is still connected to a blue screen or a blurred screen, check whether the front-end output is normal, the connection cable is good or bad, or whether the input resolution format is supported. E/G/M/P/N series encoders support up to 1080P60 input.

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