December 17th,2021- Kiloview launched the NDI Core.

Here we would love to introduce NDI Core from the following aspects.

  • What is Kiloview NDI Core? And you can do what with it? Its types & parameters?
  • What NDI products do we offer to work with it?
  • How much does it cost? and How can I get it?

What is Kiloview NDI Core?

NDI Core is a core system for your NDI sources to centralized Control, Organize, Route and Everything. And Core is shorted for Control, Organize, Route and Everything. With it, you can manage signal sources from dozens to thousands and build smooth and seamless switching for all signal sources. Besides, It supports various formats of NDI stream input, switches, copy, and output. Also, server hot standby, self-customized polling, log, and user management are supported.     

And all make it suitable for such applications as broadcast and TV program production, multi-channel NDI projection, multi-channel NDI conference.

What you can do with it?

Imagine a scene that you have dozens of NDI sources and these sources are from NDI conference cameras, NDI mobile phones/computers, NDI codecs, NDI production systems, and other NDI-enabled software and hardware systems with different formats and resolutions, how will you manage them all?

Kiloview NDI Core can help you with it since NDI Ccan discover and add NDI sources automatically, and if it fails to add a certain NDI source, you can add it manually. And with the NDI Core, you can reply and amplify one source like NDI camera to output1, output2, output3, etc., and also enable those copied ones to be connected to any endpoint devices like NDI decoder, studio monitor, multiview, and other NDI hardware and software systems. Moreover, you can switch among all NDI sources freely and seamlessly with the playlist for polling or single loop playback and the IO panel, and the crosspoint panel. Without a blank screen, stagnation, and blurred, the signal switching delay at the cluster end is only about 1 frame.

NDI Core application diagram

What are its types & parameters?

There are three members in the NDI Core family: Basic, Pro, and customized hardware version. Basic and Pro are software versions of NDI Core with a 15-day free trial and you need to deploy the docker by themselves. But there is no free trial for the customized hardware version NDI Core. Below is part of the parameters and you can click to get more details.

What NDI products do we offer to work with it?

Kiloview NDI products: N30/40/3/40 bi-directional converter, U40 HDMI 4K NDI & NDI|HX encoder, NDI Player Multiview, so no matter you need a hardware encoder or decoder or software, Kiloview can meet your needs.

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How much does it cost?

Basic is USD599, Pro is USD999, and if you need a turnkey solution, you can reach us and our regional sales or local partner can quote customized ones according to your needs.

How can I get a trial of the NDI Core software?

You can click the “get it now” button on the NDI Core webpage or you can write directly to [email protected], please inform us of your needs and country in the email.

If there is anything else you want to know, feel free to leave a comment or just write to us.