Webcasting is an emerging way of socializing the Internet. It is popular because of its convenience, interactivity and real-time. The participation of the public is extremely high. From the technical principle, the realization of webcasting mainly includes video capture, video capture, video encoding, and video streaming. That is, at the same time of video capture, video encoding technology is used to encode and compress the video source. Converted to IP stream), and then transmitted to the Internet live broadcast platform through the network, the viewer can watch in real time on the network side or the WeChat side. The live webcast completely broke the limitations of live TV broadcasts, and truly realized the lifestyle that everyone can broadcast live and broadcast live anytime, anywhere.

Webcasting method

At present, there are two main ways of live webcasting in China. One is mobile entertainment, which is mainly used for live broadcasts of personal entertainment, games, activities, and life. The other is professional live broadcast of cameras, which is mainly used for business live broadcasts and weddings. Large-scale live broadcasts such as live broadcasts, live conferences, live events, live events, and official live broadcasts. So, what is the difference between the live broadcast of mobile phones and cameras in the live webcast? Changsha Qianshi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a system solution service provider in the field of professional video transmission and management to introduce this difference.

Mobile Live Introduction

Mobile phone live operation is very simple, just need to download the live broadcast platform and register. The mobile phone has its own shooting function, and the downloaded live broadcast platform can capture the captured video in real time, and compress and format the video, then use the mobile phone 4g network to push to the live broadcast platform. Although the operation is simple and the input cost is low, the quality of the live broadcast of the mobile phone cannot be guaranteed. For example, the live sound of the mobile phone and the lack of definition of the image quality, the jitter is easy, the shooting angle is limited, and the shooting scene is limited, and the like is only applicable to the low quality of the image. Small scenes are required for live broadcast.

Camera live introduction and advantages

The camera specializes in live broadcast, guarantees high audio and video quality in the video camera, can realize high-definition live broadcast, large scene live broadcast, the required equipment is camera + video encoder, the required network can adopt wired and wireless wifi according to the network conditions of the scene. 4G can be. The live broadcast setting is also relatively simple. Connect the video encoder to the camera at one end, connect the network to one end, and configure the live broadcast address for the video encoder. The professional webcast can be turned on.

Compared with mobile phone live broadcast, professional camera live broadcast quality is clearer and smoother, less jitter, more stable shooting, more application scenarios, of course, higher cost (need to configure camera and video encoder), but it can bring more to the camera team In addition to carrying out some live broadcast services for individuals and enterprises, it also provides network for applications such as open government meetings, mass hearings, court trials, civil service examination training, industry annual conferences, live broadcasts, etc. Live broadcast.