NewTek NDI products have realized the development of all-IP, adopting NDI IP network coding and transmission protocol. NDI transmission technology can realize the use of NDI IP flow in any cross-network segment 0 in the Gigabit network environment using ordinary Gigabit network switches, and real-time The rich program packaging effect, no card, no delay, clear program effect, currently used in high-definition format, the future can be seamlessly upgraded to 4K format production according to the needs of the station.

When the TV station is producing multiple programs, the camera and production center need to be connected by SDI video cable. NDI is a LAN-based signal transmission protocol with low delay, accurate frame video, mutual recognition and communication of data streams. That is, a device in a LAN can output or receive multiple NDI signals through a network cable. Replace the SDI video cable for transmission. By connecting the camera to a miniature NDI video encoder, the camera’s SDI or HDMI signals can be converted to NDI signals for collection by various production equipment.

NewTek’s NDI transmission protocol solves the IP network problem well and can satisfy the TV station’s program requirements by using the existing network system. With Gigabit Ethernet, you can do 4K and HD programming, and you can use the existing network system to meet the TV station’s program needs. At the same time, the use of ordinary networks can also achieve satisfactory results, and truly achieve low cost and good results.

Advantages of NDI: The NDI standard is open and can be used with confidence. Now many equipment manufacturers of radio and television have already supported NDI, which is compatible with traditional radio and television equipment. The architecture of the whole system integration is very simplified and compatible.

Features of NDI: NDI is a network interface technology that subverts traditional SDI transmission. It can automatically convert high-definition, 3G HD and 4KUHD60p signal formats and signal conversion and network of portable digital devices such as mobile phones, computers and tablets based on existing networks. Output.

NDI can convert various signals into NDI network signals for all devices in the network to call. At the same time, the NewTek signal monitoring and monitoring system not only has 16 channels of signal switching, but also has hundreds of signal monitoring calls. This is very difficult to do in the traditional way.