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Encoders N Decoders for wireless transmission

The development of wireless technology in recent years has made it possible to wirelessly transmit at a rate of 100 Mbps from 30 to 100 feet or more.

What is NDI and NDI|HX?

NDI HX is the latest version of NDI which has been enhanced to broaden a whole new world of devices using built-in h.264 compression chips.

NDI is changing the world | The promoters of NDI technology applications in China are determin…

NewTek is a global leader in software-driven video technology and a developer of NDI transmission technology, which is very popular among video transmission field.

What is NDI and Why it is a Useful Technology?

NDI is a video encoding and transmission protocol. With NDI, you can transfer video from your camcorder to your local computer quickly and easily. That is to say, NDI can convert your video stream into IP stream.

Comparison Among Newtek NDI Protocol and Other IP Video Streaming Protocols

Whether you want to stream live video on your website, do live streaming of sports events, or broadcast professional events and gatherings live, you may consider which protocol to use.

How to Transfer Video Image Shot by Cameras to Zoom Meeting via NDI?

Transfer Camera Video to Zoom Meeting via NDI

Kiloview 12G-SDI- NDI New Codec with the Test of Phabrix QX

N30 12G-SDI- NDI New Codec with the Test of Phabrix QX

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