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Relevant Knowledge about Video Encoding, Decoding, Transmission, and Streaming.
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How to Stream my IP Camera to Live Streaming Platforms

To live stream your IP camera, you can use either a self-deployed Restreamer service, integrated CamStreamer App, or even an almighty hardware media gateway.


What is OBS Virtual Camera and How to Use it in Skype, Zoom, Teams, and More

This article tells you what OBS virtual camera is, and how to use it in Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Facebook Messenger Rooms.


3 Free Solutions to get NDI Input and Output (OBS, Streamlabs, MultiView)

There are five software solutions (OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, Kiloview Multiview, VLC Player, and vMix) and one hardware solution (MG300 media gateway) to get your NDI stream output.


Why is my Stream Lagging and How to Fix it?

The reason for your laggy stream is related to network condition, stream setting, hardware. Solutions for OBS setting, game setting, Twitch/discord setting, and hardware are also included.


How to Make a 24/7 YouTube (or any Platform) Live Stream?

Table of Content: 24/7 stream my mobile phone camera 24/7 stream my computer screen 24/7 stream my security camera 24/7 …


How to Stream to YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook at the Same Time

This article gives you six solutions to stream your video, game, or any media content to Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, or more platforms at the same time. Each solution enables you to grow your audience by streaming on multiple platforms. Check it out to find your favorite way.

Notebook HDMI audio and video output setting method

Notebook HDMI may wish to transmit video and audio at the same time. However, many companions will only notice that there are only pictures and no sound.

What’s the difference between live broadcast with mobile and camera

Webcasting is an emerging way of socializing the Internet. It is popular because of its convenience, interactivity and real-time.