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Get ready for the ultimate NAB experience! Join us from April 14th to 17th for an exclusive showcase of world-leading AV over IP products, solutions, and technologies.

NAB 2024 attendees are welcome to visit Kiloview booth SU6029 to experience the future of AV over IP technology, exchange inspiring ideas with Kiloview CEO Jacob & Vice President Judy, and together drive the development of AV over IP industry.

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Show Dates: April 14-17, 2024

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P3 Product Family

P3/P3 mini–Next-Generation Wireless Bonding Transmission Technology

From last year’s anticipation to today’s official debut, the P3 3G-SDI & HDMI 5G wireless bonding encoder has exceeded expectations, setting new market standards with its cutting-edge features. With 6-network-bonding capabilities and all-day reliability, it stands out as the most powerful product in its class.

In addition, Kiloview is introducing a new member to the P3 family: the P3 Mini 4G wireless bonding encoder. Compact yet powerful, it offers H.265/H.264 encoding and multi-channel wireless bonding for unparalleled portability and affordability.

Powered by patented KiloLink transmission technology, the P3 family provides a revolutionary bonding service that reduces user expenses and ensures low-latency, high-reliability transmission. These devices are essential for outdoor live streaming, remote production, and mobile shooting, delivering advanced features and reliable performance across various industries.

NDI6 Ready

Higher Contrast,Wide Color Gamut,Minimal Color Banding,Broad compatibility

Focus on Transmission and Management Lightweight,
Comprehensive NDI Solutions

Kiloview’s N60/N50 stands out as the sole product currently supporting NDI 6.0, offering unparalleled features in the market. NDI 6 brings HDR support, elevating picture quality with high contrast, wide color gamut, and minimal color banding. Experience a new level of excellence with extensive compatibility and enhanced visual performance. With NDI Bridge simplifying remote source management, local convenience goes global. Discover seamless support for unique NDI features like PTZ and Tally showcased throughout the event, promising a transformative experience over four days.

Witness the complete NDI workflow at Kiloview’s exhibit, covering video capture, management, distribution, monitoring, and recording with innovative products like Cube X1, CUBE R1, Multiview Pro with LinkDeck, and flagship encoders N60/N50. Prepare for groundbreaking changes across Broadcast, Healthcare, Education, Conference, Sports, and House of Worship sectors through Kiloview’s revolutionary NDI solutions.


Pioneering Hybrid Transmission

Marking its debut in supporting Dante AV-H, Kiloview introduces its latest products and solutions. The seamless integration of Dante Audio and Dante AV-H expands Kiloview’s support for mainstream audio transmission protocols, ensuring the workflow flawless, high-quality video with minimal latency (600ms end-to-end). Additionally, Kiloview’s SRT solution supports Tally, voice intercom, and more, offering a holistic approach to meet diverse user needs.

Support Dante Audio and Dante AV-H拓扑图白底上

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Event Time: April 14-17, 2024

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