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Kiloview Expands the Licensing of Dante across its Ecosystem, Broadening Options and Applications

Kiloview, a leading IP-based video solution expert, has announced a strategic partnership with Audinate, the leading provider of professional AV networking technologies globally. This partnership indicates Kiloview’s commitment to expanding the licensing of Dante technology across its ecosystem, aiming to enhance its existing product offerings and provide extended support for Dante Audio and Dante AV-H.

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Kiloview Revolutionizes Multi-Theatre Live Streaming with Advanced IP-Based Solution

Kiloview offers an advanced IP-based solution for multi-theatre live streaming. Within each theatre hall, the deployment of cameras, microphones, and NDI video encoders/decoders is sufficient. In the theatre’s control room, the centralized deployment of the NDI distribution system, NDI production system, NDI Multiview system, and voice intercom system allows centralized signal production from various halls.

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Kiloview P1 Powers the Live Streaming of the Inauguration of some Metro Stations in Chile.

Azar Producciones, the organizer of the live streaming of the inauguration of some metro stations in Chile, deployed a full IP-based video transmission workflow and low-latency solution with Kiloview P1 4G cellular bonding video encoder, ensuring the stable live stream effect. The president of Chile – Gabriel Boric, and the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications attended this event.

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The First NDI Eco-system Industry Summit

The first NDI eco-system industry summit will be held on August 22, 2023, in Beijing, China. The Summit will focus on the theme, “The Future of Broadcasting Industry: Workflow Based On NDI”. The theme affirms that NDI has become one of the core technologies in the video transmission field. As the earliest implementor of NDI technology, Kiloview has been committed to the promotion and practical application of NDI technology.

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Kiloview Powered the Live-Stream of Formula X Racing Weekend

“Kiloview provides all IP workflow for this event, reducing the need for hardware and staffing compared with the standard-based broadcasting events. To some extent, it lowers production prices overall. The applied technology fully meets our needs. This IP workflow opens many possible solutions for event direction setup. From the most OB-Van solution, to single workstation powered switcher, thanks to Kiloview’s cloud based ecosystem. We are ready to be able to continue the collaboration with Kiloview in the 2023 season: We are very happy to be able to undertake this partnership and thanks to mutual collaboration there will be the possibility of further improving the various technical aspects in the future.” said Luca Panizzi, CEO of FX Master Racing Weekend.

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