Due to the impact of the epidemic, the senior leaders of a group cannot go to the branch to collaborate or supervise various positions. The group needs to transmit the videos from various offices of the branch and the construction site to the headquarters in real time to realize remote supervision and concentration of all work sites, which will greatly improve the efficiency of enterprise management.

Kiloview solution

Traditional enterprise management, especially decentralized on-site management, requires leaders to go to the site for supervision. Benefiting from the application of SRT Internet transmission technology, business executives do not have to spend time arranging various business trips, and can see/hear the high-definition audio and video images shot at various construction sites across the country or even the world to the headquarters in real time in the headquarters office.

Scheme schematic

Camera or network monitoring—Kiloview Wired Live Encoder—Internet SRT protocol—HD decoder—large screen display.

In the branch office area or construction site, arrange network cameras from various angles, or take feature shots. Then configure the Kiloview wired encoder to push the network camera signal to the network. Using SRT’s point-to-point transmission technology, the camera video of the branch company can be directly transmitted to the group headquarters in real time. The group headquarters can be equipped with a 4K ultra-high-definition decoder to restore the branch video to the monitor. Or present on the network side, display and interact from multiple angles according in light with customer requirements.

During epidemic, more enterprises are trying telecommuting, and everyone will find that if you do not go to the office, the work keeps going fine. At last, enterprises will evolve into remote co-working anytime and anywhere with fair efficiency. The integration and collaboration of many businesses will become more important. In the future, remote collaborative office will be more efficient, more interactive and closer, and deeper integration.