During IBC: Amsterdam, Netherlands – In September 2022, Kiloview VP Judy Zuo was interviewed by InBroadcast.

Check the interview video below if you’re interested:

Through the interview, you will get the following information about Kiloview:
1. The brief introduction about the Kiloview.
2. The overview roadmap and new products of Kiloview.
3. How Kiloview sees trends in the media and broadcasting industry.
4. What is the ecosystem that Kiloview is building.

Kiloview Philosophy —Any In, Any Out, Anywhere
Kiloview has been giving the wholesale move toward establishing IP workflows at all levels of the industry. Kiloview can handle all kinds of video input. No matter its baseband SDI or HDMI signals, HD, 4K, or IP contents, Kiloview can always provide you with either a hardware or software solution to output the IP streams in different protocols, including SRT, RTSP, RTMP, HLS, RTP, TS-UDP, NDI|HX via H.264/H.265 or NDI, or baseband SDI or HDMI, along with more useful functions including recording, transcoding, etc.

New products:
N60 – The Best 4K HDMI/USB to NDI Bi-Directional Converter
CUBE X1 NDI CORE – An embedded device focusing on NDI multiplexed distribution.
CUBE RI RECORDER SYSTEM – A hardware version of the Kiloview NDI Recorder software.
LinkDeck Series – A professional central console for your IP-based video transition workflow.