Requirement and issues: As of the sales process of off-site products, customers can’t see the actual products. They can use live webcast technology to display product videos online on the mobile side (such as mobile phone WeChat) or computer, realizing remote online sales, online sales of exhibitions, Online sales of online channels, etc.

Kiloview’s solutions: Wired encoder, webcast address 

In the company’s product showroom, a multi-angle webcam is placed for the products for sale, or for specific shots. Configure a thousand-view cable encoder to push the webcam or camera signal to the network. In front of customers in different places, or in off-site exhibitions, or in online sales channels such as Taobao, 1688, and other platforms, the product videos captured by the company’s headquarters can be presented on the mobile phone WeChat or network side in real-time, and can be multi-angled according to customer requirements. Show and interact to achieve sales promotion

Schematic diagram: Camera or network monitoring – Kiloview cable live broadcast encoder – webcast platform – mobile phone WeChat display, network platform display, etc.The biggest feature of this solution: it can realize all-around high-definition and smooth live broadcast.